An act of violence

Poor Billy had no chance.
Saw him standing against that wall. Pale and slim he leaned. I sunk the axe from the top into the right side. He croaked and leaned towards me but they had fixed him well. Gave him the second hit, there was no significant resistance. Shuffeld the pieces into some bags and drove it off to team orange. Better so than cremate the remains on the lawn.
Billy … pa … Björn.
Es kann nur einen geben.


15 thoughts on “An act of violence

  1. IKEA, McDonald’s BurgerKing KFC CocaCola, LIDL, WalMart, Shell BP Jet, Dell Toshiba Canon, (nearly) all car makes, …
    Standardization; a global transport system (containers); a global positioning and surveillance system; google maps; …
    just what comes to mind in a few minutes.
    Global communications of course. But for me are still white spaces on the map: Looking at “the round” I go blog-wise from UK to US, Canada, Malaysia, India – a large step back to Europe: No South America, no Africa, no Arabia.

  2. :::weeps::: No, not poor Billy!

    I had to part with mine when we moved, I still miss the lot of them. All 9 :::sniffles::: The only way the Spouse Sparrow was able to convince me to move to Northern Ireland is because they now have an Ikea. Believe it or not, it’s a hallmark of civilization, at least for Northern Ireland.

  3. Joyce
    Sort of – the books did not go. A good friend actually does what you did – getting rid of things never used in years stacked and packed over the place – and it is freeing! I should sweep through my papers …

    Fat Sparrow
    Billy deserved it. Ikea in Northern Ireland? Better hurry before they bobmb it … 🙂

    I want to visit Behrambaug! Is it a market, a shop?
    I think it has to do with age and orientation: One day one looks around and sees to much things. Its also a spiritual thing, kind of cleansing I think. Keep the things you need and get rid of the superfluous.

    ? Go there and get the Billy-feeling!

  4. I respect the boss because of his long-time battle with dyslexia and alcohol but for some reason the billy always seems much cuter at the store than it does in the house.

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