What a Day

When I woke up in the late morning I decided to go for a march. Fine wheather, clear light. Normally it takes an hour, this time one and a half and I had to sit down three times. Later in the afternoon I went to the library and only moved like a zombie. When I finally had made it home I felt like a chewed spearmint. I slept for two hours or so and now at least my brain is not foggy any more. I had difficulties to breathe and my muscles hurt. Now the breathing is better but I feel cold.
So nothing accomplished this day, no letter written, no mail, the balcony still a mess. I will look at the news and go to bed again. Movie Clip Wednesday does not happen this week here.

18 thoughts on “What a Day

  1. Me Dames, Mon Sieurs – first I heared a great lady sing, later a wonderful woman sigh heavily (sorry MJ … achach, der Beutel ist leer!).
    I want to thank you all for the good wishes, I am recovering, something bite me, really I spent my time sleeping. Balcony and bicycle can wait, its raining anyway – good for the air.
    I think I developed some kind of allergy against polls, seemingly oaks and birch. Oak was flying heavily the last days as I learned from a meterological site. And we have a lot of them standing around over the hills here. Birches are in the next door neighbourhood.
    Take care for you, I may comment, but will be back with Sunday Music, maybe sunday afternoon.

  2. I’m glad you’re a little bit better. We have horrendous pollen here–I was down for a couple of days. I thought it was a bad head cold, but now I think it was the pollen.

    take care sweetie–


  3. Leah, Scarlet, Austere – I was never really aware of this pollen / allergy thing until the last two years. And this time it really hits bad. And yes, I was stung by something in the neck. It did not swell or hurt, but since this day I feel really weak. We have some new virus here, as I learned from the newspaper, maybe I have one? Whopee!
    Ah, I was grwing up with and learned that being ill is nothing to talk about, you just stand it and die without further ado.
    I do not die here and now, I just want to be a little comfortable with sickness.

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