Sunday Music

Sunday Music

The sky is grey, the air is cold and I snuffle my way into the afternoon. Paying bills online, writing letters, its time for another coffee and a classic. There are a lot of really crappy audios of “White Rabbit” and even worse videos. But this one uses the lp-version and is made for an exam, so done really well.
What to say about Grace Slick and “Airplane“? I have nothing to ad, the music remains, and each and one finds his own way into it. And I do not want to go down memory lane, done that here, at the moment the things to come are more interesting than those that have been. Now its time for coffee and cookies.

Here originally was a link to a video on youtube:  Jefferson Airplane, “White Rabbit”.


17 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. These Belgian cookies look absolutely mouthwatering! I did not know this brand, they seem to be still independent, well done!
    I found some leftovers of a Prinzenrolle – here – and I confess: I am guilty of dunking!
    (That’s part of the embarrassing-section in the handbook Roses mentioned.)

  2. Hello dear Princess, I am sorry, but as far as I know the Baroness of Sacher-Masoch did no version of White Rabbit. You hear Grace Slick, the original author and interpret of the song.
    Hell, the grandmothers of Rock: Grace is 70 now, Marianne 63.

    Leah, dunk on! The coffee may take a bit to getting used to.

  3. Happy Monday darling. One of my favourites.

    Sorry I’m a day late. Saturday night got a bit out of hand and I spent Sunday feeling sorry for myself.

    (But it was fun)

  4. Leni
    Its examination season all around, abiturium ante portas.

    🙂 That’s fine, dig it!

    Improving your bad example status? Well done!

  5. There is coffee, a coffee maker and a real technics lp player with an amplifier and two large black boxes to make the bloody neighbourhood shiver. You are welcome, Mutley!

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