Its all grey outside and the rain is really cold. At least the strong wind from the East we had for the last days is not blowing today. I sit at my desk with a rug wrapped around me. My throat is becoming rougher from hour to hour and my mind becomes duller any moment. Its the start of May, there should be blooming bushes and trees not November days!
I’ll write another useless application.


21 thoughts on “*whine*

  1. Leni
    Thank you my dear. These battleshipgrey clouds here wrecking my nerves, its like a long hangover. And yes, one of these poetical letters must be successfull. I hope.

    Prost, xl, altes Haus!

    Leah – the gesture counts, thank you: I already feel warmed up!

  2. Mago, Hope it gets less grey. We may have snow in the next few days so we are all dealing with spring weather. Keep writing those letters, get well and with all the talk of global warming we may get some soon.
    Whines don’t hurt once in awhile as they keep the frustration down.

  3. Deepest apologies for my lack to presence in cyberspace. I am working so hard at the moment my time seems to just shrink.

    I thought I would come and answer your question asking my thoughts…

    1. It is outrageous that some people were unable to vote because they run out of ballot slips amongst one of the reasons.

    2. Unsurprised by the result.

    3. A terrible result for our country. We need political stability at a time when we have such a deficit to sort out.

    4. I cant see any alliance working – I suspect we will have to go back to the polls sooner rather than later.

    5. Gordon Brown – dead man walking

    How is our election being reported in Germany?

  4. Savannah, I thank you so much for your comment, you know exactly what I am feelin’ – wenne s alles nicht reicht, wenn es nicht stimmt, wenn es HHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA – yep, it’s not enough, not fittin’ WHEN ONE wants to HIT THAT KEyboard, say, lout and not, quiet and not, open and not, LOVE – and not – I love you Savannah, and a lot of people do, it’s all about YOU!
    No fear my dear.

    Italktoyou-noendpoorlas …

    I love you. Goddam snow would really pt an end to the last of my serious efforts to be human – snow would sent me over the edge: I would not try to be friendly any more. A lot of shouting and may be fist throwing would occure.

    Yes my dear, tell me all about stallions.

    I know it only too good, them applications …
    I want YOU To Enjoy all them Prizes and what-not: I Want you to be proud of your work, of your writing, without any wrong feelings or any wrong ideas or looks aside – just you, what you done, what is written, YOUR text – you see the power and the uniqueness and there IS this allowed place or space for YOU … USE IT!

    Hei – you are back! Glad to see you, tough times, eh?

    No sun, no Z, aaaarrrrrggghhh …..

    There is not too much fusss about the election

  5. Hello my darling.

    It’s a grey, damp Saturday here. The weather really is more November than May. Bloody global warming.

    Keep on keeping on. You’ll find a positive brown envelope landing on your doorstep soon. Besides, I remember how desolate you were in your last job. Not good. You made absolutely the right decision.

    Wrap up warm honey. It’s coming. I promise.

  6. Wanda
    Excuse me please, I am terribly sorry, but shortly after my last remarks I had to stop writing and could not come to answer your comment: I hope you are a bit better now.

    Make yourself comfortable.


    Roses on Saturday
    Yeea – I like to receive unnoticed neutral brown envelopes stuffed with pounds of unnoticed used Euro-bills …

    Roses on Sunday
    I was lost and unable to attend music or something.

    Cool rainy and a little damp – come to Franconia and enjoy the rheumatic climate!

    I am back and music’s on its way.

    Hmblpfmbl … eeek … pfrrmm!

    Roses on Monday
    Stop sulking please: Here comes Jethro Tull, Bouree, from Living in the Past.

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