Sunday Music

Sunday Music

A new day, a new week, a new year … Happy Birthday, Roses.

Roses is grown up now, an adult, even mature – she’s forty! So go over there, and offer your congratulations.
Most guests will sooner or later be a bit … tipsy.

Lets start the week relaxed, here’s the great Peter Green for you.


9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Leni – surrounded by extraterrestials? Happens to me pretty often …

    Green is still touring! He lives in Sweden now.

    Mayall’s Bluesbrakers were not all yelping from Laurel Canyon. Now and then good gutarists were working with Mayall. Green is in a class of his own, wrote a lot of classics other people used to reach fame, like Mr. Santana for example.

    Of course. I’ll be right over.

    Wait until its dried and then brush it off.

    Prost, Leni.

  2. They are everywhere. Even in the Biergarten. Some are nice, most are … nevermind. The people and entities you mention are friendly in comparison.

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