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Best Science Fiction Boxer saied.
The usual suspects spring to my mind. As always in the beginning is a book, or at least a story; then comes the first adaption, then re-makes. Every ten or 15 years Hollywood feels the inner urge to “re-make” something. Driven by the naive idee that a success could be repeated when the story is re-told with actual faces and some alterations, tweaking it a bit for the “modern” taste … ach ja, and these producers wonder why some people look at them in disgust … let them produce products.
H.G.Wells was born 1866 and 1898 published his scientific romanceWar of the Worlds“. 1938 Orson Welles did his famous radio adaption, that in itself is subject of a film (here). The rest is history. And remakes.

Here was originally a link to an audio on youtube featuring the 1938 broadcast of “War of the Worlds” by Orson Welles.

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  1. This was one of the all time greats in radio broadrcasting, A true masterpiece. I have the long play recording (It’s a remake with dramatic music by Electric Light Orchestra? but with the original radio recording)
    Great choice Mago, thank you..

  2. My Mother had this on an album and we used to listen to growing up. She told us the entire story every Halloween. Great pick. With Twitter and Blogs, this never would have happened!

    I’m up with something from 1936.

  3. Oh, remakes. So many awful ones. I loved the story of the panic this broadcast induced–as children, we’d ask my mom to tell us about it over and over again, but I’d never actually heard the broadcast.

  4. It’s much better to just show the originals to the new generation, that’s what I do with my son.

    But there is no money for Holywood in doing that. ;)

  5. Folks, what LP are you all talking about? I have to check … Good to see that you like it!

    Dear Princess,
    With music by Elo?! Hey, don’t let me down, Bruce … :) I haven’t listened to ELO for ages!

    I am not too sure about that it would not be possible … Some advertising schemes go into that direction. Waht Welles definitely showed is the possibility of manipulation, remember that approximately two million people believed it to be true. And he intended no hoax, at least not of this scale.

    If you use youtube, blogs and aim it at identified multiplicators in the web it will very fast swap into the other media as tv and radio – and if you enter / infiltrate two or three “trusted sources”, that is media outleds with a reputation, its on and out of control. Should be well orchestrated with a good and detailed script and enough resources. A mix of “Blair witch”, fake reality, flash mob and Banksy; one should create an atmosphere of doubt, things should happen en passant, un-intented … “truth” revealed by mistake. But one needs an emergency-exit, from a certain point of no return onwards it can be dangerous.

    I am sure your grandparents sat in that house and listened to it! Hope you and all yours are well.

    Milk River Madman
    Hello and welcome, thank you for your first comment here. I think I sawe you commenting at Roses’ and Boxer’s. What causes your amazement?

    Ad fontes – look at the originals. I simply was upset yesterday evening when I looked into some lists of film titels – seemingly any film I thought of was “remade” twenty or thirty years later, be it Lohn der Angst or Solaris. Don’t get me wrong, there are not too many stories at all, there exists only a number of basical situations that are turned into stories and the Archetypen of these are found in the mythos – but that is totally different from grabbing a film of 1953 and shoot it nearly exactly as it was 40 years later. “Cape of Fear” is Mitchum, Bergen, Peck from 1962; Scorsese hardly makes bad films, but … “copy and paste” alone is NO cultural technique.

    Sorry, Scarlet, no naked women in fields.

  6. I never heard the album but I liked the 1953 version of this movie with Gene Barry. At the time I saw it on TV (and I was a kid) I thought the spaceships with the ray gun eyes were really cool.

    Happy MCW!

  7. I can’t think of any really good original (that is, originating as a film) film that has been equalled on it’s remake. It can work if it’s a classic book adaptation – though how many films match up to the books they’re based on?

  8. But I have to admit that sometimes copies can be better than the originals.

    Carpenters did a better job on “The End of the World” than Skeeter Davis. Jmho.

  9. Buzz – I can’t help: I still think they are cool!

    Z – None. That’s why mankind invented “the book to the film”: Just switch it, first film, book later. A nice by-product, a collateral.

    Amanda – Heavens – Yer diggin’ deep and back in time!

    Leni – Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawai! :)

  10. XL – Its a drinking song (well, actually a Sauflied), here is a Punk version. I think the original is by Paul Kuhn, a German singer, bandleader and pianist. Paul must be high in his eighties today, he made a lot of popular music since after the war (AFN?). And he is a sophisticated jazzer, but as usual, the jazz did not sell. So he played dancing music with his own orchestra.
    I do not like beer anymore, I have it one or two times a year maximum if I feel the appetite, but afterwards I mostly feel kind a sick. And, strangely enough, if I drink beer I want to smoke.

  11. … huahaaa … :)

    “Ob über Oberammergau oder über Unterammergau – der Russ’ der kimmt!” Das ist von der Biermösl Blosn, aber ich weiß den Titel nimmer.

  12. Heff
    Hello and welcome, thank you for your first comment here. Orson made an adaption of the book 1938, a piece of art (and mass manipulation) in its own right, and only 1953 came the first film by Haskin. There was a musical and a lot of parodies and finally Spielberg made a second film (remake ?) 2005. There was a kind of serial and of course different literary aftershocks. Even Mr. Holmes had to deal with Mars! Smiley ignored the invasion strangely enough.

    Chandrika Shubham
    Hello and welcome, thank you for your visit and comment. I think I saw your comments at austere’s? The Movie Clip Wednesday is an idea of Boxer, next week’s theme is best documentary.

  13. It must have been really scarey when the radio version went out and caused all the panic , and I loved the album by Jeff Wayne I believe . There are a few recent remakes of old films that have been better……but I cant think of one now :-)

  14. Hello and welcome, Beast – I think its your first comment here. I did not know about an lp … and yes, you are right, there may be better remakes, but I can’t remember.

  15. I don’t feel so bad about not popping by for Sunday music on Monday, to find you didn’t put it up.

    You’ve saved my whinge.

    How are you lovely? Hope you have good weather.

    Many Monday hugs.

  16. Leni Q, Roses
    Sorry, I did not feel like putting up music. What we call real life came in the way.

    Thank you, I will read it this afternoon.

  17. Oh honey.

    Real life sucks sometimes.

    Many hugs to you my dear. Drop me a line if you’d like to have a quiet whinge in private.

    You know where I am if you need me.

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