Sunday Music

Sunday Music

There was no Sunday Music on last Sunday due to circumstances beyond my influence. I’m in a strange mood now … people came up and forced me to do strange things … think I start with Johnnie



Westernhagen is now an bourgeois arrivee, over sixty, who once was a lousyloudlittle Vorstadtrocker … and he was good at it. You will not find links to Ramstein on this blog, their Wagnerian, “heldisch”, drone is nothing of my kind – in fact it makes me barf and if I would like to have an ss-soundtrack I’d know how to do it better.
About Rosenstolz I can not say nothing, I do not know what they do, it seems to be nice pop-ular music of high quality, but I am sorry – I do not listen to the billboards. Groenemeyer, like Westernhagen, is an arrivee today, who made very fine and touching music, near sixty? Bouncing around in this class we have to name Lindenberg and Niedecken (of BAP)  – and of course: This blog is a Lindenberg- and BAP-free zone. Thank you.
You may find here Trio or other NDW or older stuff.
I listened to some of that German Rap  and found it beyond any level of description: un-inspired, stupid, plainly mysoginic homophobe and generally cro magnon.

Okay. I will have some wine now.

I love you.

Lets start the week relaxed, smooth, peaceful … with a little jazz.
Hope you enjoy it.




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  1. xl says:

    As I understand it, there is High German plus various regional accents. Since Marlene was from Berlin, I was wondering if she spoke with such an accent.

  2. You are right: There is “Hochdeutsch”, High German – a kind of standart. It was first developed in written German by Luther – for the translation! – and in the 17th century the “Sprachgesellschaften” notably in Franconia, well just saying, developed rules for the written German.

    What is spoken is another thing. But – and this is a big BUT – on stage (and film was seen as a Verlängerung of stage) people were meant to speak the High German that could be understood everywhere. What had a very simple reason – it were travelling theater societies, houses / theaters were few and they normally could not afford a steady company. So travelling was common and they needed a language, or a kind of pronounciation!, that could be understood everywhere. “Sprachbildung” was something common for players, Schauspieler – and I am sure she had this. It developed in the 18th century and went on in the 19th, and of course was taken onto people working for film.
    I am not familiar with the history of Marlene, where she learnt what and such. From what I have in memory I can not say that she has a certain accent or a certain dialect. I am sure that if she had had some kind of dialect by nature that it would have been ironed out when she was in front of a camera with “Ton-Film”. No producer would have allowed this – except if it would have fitted in with the role. But Marlene was not someone to be connected with a dialect – this would be ridiculous. She’s a goddess, and a goddess does not talk in a Suebian or Berlin dialect – what is connected with something totally different in the common Wahrnehmung – translate it.

    IF she has a kind of accent – and I am sure she has – it is not German (yes, basically it is), but it is what the audience wants to hear – or what the producer believes the audience wants to hear.
    On the other hand I think that Marlene gives a shit about what anybody wants to hear and says simply what has to be saied in her own voice.

    Sorry xl, link me something where I can hear her voice. So that we both hear the same.

    Wine is out. Have a drink on me.

  3. By the way, a “berlin” dialect is a difficult thing. Berlin is a town of immigration, people comming there from the Rhineland, Northern Germany, differnt places of Prussia, as Tucholsky wrote: The Berliner comes from Breslau (a city in Silesia) (where my father was born) what they speak there is genrally differnt from Southern German by melody, pronounciation … would be interesting to know where she learned to speak, basically.

  4. xl says:

    From reading the biography by her daughter, the Dietrich family highly valued education for Marlene and her sister, including additional tutoring at home. She mentioned that Marlene normally spoke formal German, but also was fluent in Berlin “street” slang (dialect).

    I have great respect and admiration for Marlene!

    Maybe I will drink some cranberry juice with vodka and go to bed.

    Gute Nacht!

  5. I’m spreading more love.
    Anyhow, I saw the German entry on the Eurovision song contest last night… it wasn’t bad. But then I switched over to Sex In The City… which definitely wasn’t a bap free zone.

  6. XL – I listened to the songs you linked and answered there.

    Roses – here its cold wind and a light as in autumn, Heavens, it is beginning June! Maybe I’ll put a bonus up later.

    Scarlet Blue – can you explain to me what Sex and the City makes as fascinating as it seemingly is?
    BAP is the name Niedecken’s band: They are from Cologne and sing in the local dialect, who nobody outside Cologne can understand. “Bap” is the word for “father”. This young girl Lena took part in the song context, the yellow press went crazy about this. I have not heared her singing, so have no idea … the German participants over the years generally were a bit odd …

  7. Anna, Bertha, Carla … LOS PAUL! An incredible young Stephan Remmler looks at me. Trio was great. Nina is a bit excentric, she did great songs. Say Kraftwerk, but don’t forget Can … Reinhard is still on tour, as Hannes Wader, and Degenhardt is also still playing …
    I will ad something later.

  8. Mago, Thanks for the Jazz. I liked. It is 91 outside so to be able to sit and enjoy good music is great. I did a little more in my yard. But the best was I started my lawn mower myself. No running to the neighbor to get it going. Just had a little to do and I got it done.
    Does it seem like I am fighting to stay independent?
    I guess thats true.
    Someone once told me I have too much pride but thats not it.

  9. Joyce
    Independence is a good thing, and a bit of pride too. When you mentioned the stones I thought it is a bit too heavy litterally. In the end the only person who is able to deceide what you can do or not, is yourself. I hope you can keep your independence for a long time coming.

    A very strange bunch, some of it is plainly absurd, absurd theater. So Sex and the City is about the magic of guise. I look at “Kostümkunde” with one eye, but masquerade habits are not in the focus of my attention. It seems to be an overdose.

    That’s good, it is intented to make all fine, especially on a cold grey wet morning. Coffee, quietness, sorting out the day.

  10. Tangerine Dream are still in business, a new cd was released shortly. Holy cow, they are really “Urgestein” of German music, did not know that they started 1968 (!). Triumvirat escaped my attention, sorry, they had an early success in America – live and learn.
    Nina found Jesus lately, she surfaces in talk shows now and then. Her autobiography was published some weeks ago.

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