Scarlet Blue made me do it!

The lovely Miss Scarlet turned two last Wednesday – I first thought of parthenogenesis, but it describes an asexual duplication, and this is a bit inappropriate in connection with Scarlet Blue. To make a good thing better, Miss Scarlet is presented with an award: My congratulations!
Miss Scarlet has ten questions she wants to be answered and asked five other bloggers and me to speak the truth. And to keep the ball rolling, come up with ten own questions and ask six more bloggers to answer.

Here are my answers:

1.  Do you prefer asking questions or answering them?
I generally prefer to ask questions. I am curious by nature and doing oral history and biographical, lebensgeschichtliche interviews did not  help to reduce this. If the setting is right it can be a rewarding adventure. There is normally no second chance.

2.  What is your favourite joke? [Or favourite one liner?]
Maybe a curse I will not put out here. Generally I try not to repeat myself.

3.  Have you ever fantasized about being on Big Brother [the well known TV show… I’m not alluding to incest]?
Trapped in a can with absolutely new and strange people, monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week: That’s a high security prison. No, going to jail is no phantasy of mine.

4.  Have you ever wanted to enter a talent show?

5.  Is Simon Cowell really necessary?
Who is Simon Cowell? Wait a minute, I have to see what I find on the web. … I read the wikipedia-entry: He seemingly does “entertainment”. I can happily live without that. So for me Mr.Cowell blurs right into a large field of grey indifference.

6.  Tea or coffee?
Coffee please. Tea can be nice, but the memory of the hogwash called tea I was forced to gulp in my childhood faded only lately. I am well over forty.

7.  What is your favourite perfume? Or smell?
I can hardly describe it. Flowerfruits with Sandelholz and citrus, sweet but not too heavy, Maiglöckchen, colours green yellow and warm orange.

8.  What is the quickest route to Wales from where you live?
High speed train to London (Frankfurt/Main, Paris), train to Cardiff. No aeroplane for me, sorry.

9.  What does the word ‘Wales’ conjure to your mind?
Green. Dales. Hills. A high sky with fluffy white clouds. Granite stones. Early roman (frühromanische) art. Cigarettes. (?)

10. Are you dreading dreaming up ten questions to ask six bloggers?
No. In the end there are few things I dread, asking questions belongs not in this category 🙂

Ten questions
1) Do you believe in ghosts?
2) Are you content with your life?
3) Have you ever been at or close to point blank?*
4) Is philosophy necessary?
5) Do you live with books?
6) Have you ever been on stage?
7) Do you regularly read a printed newspaper?
8) Are you afraid of the future?
9) Do you know yourself?
10) Will you play on?

I invite everybody who comes by to play on, but namely following six bloggers (from A to Z):
Amanda, JIP, Joyce, Leni Qinan, xl, Z.

Thank you for your patience.


Answers come in:

Ethereal Highway
Leni Qinan (double)

*Please see clarification in comments, answer to xl’s question!


29 thoughts on “Scarlet Blue made me do it!

  1. xl says:

    “#2. Maybe a curse I will not put out here.”

    This makes me curious! I could use a good curse, just in case.

    Thank you for asking me to participate! I will do so and report when ready. I do not understand question #3 about “point blank.”

  2. Savannah
    I hope its all well on the plantation. “Enlightening”, hach … you have it with them words … 🙂

    Wasn’t Kleopatra’s man Welsh? What was his name? He was the son of a coalminer.

    Chandrika Shubham
    I like to read your questions!

    See, I blab in my own Franconian English – I mean when one “snaps”: There is a point of no return when control is lost and an explosion occurs. Tension breaks out in an abrupt and uncontrolled way or manner. People who were there discribe it as a white noise, a fog or haze; maybe its related to amok, but it is a short moment; amazing things can happen there, but very often its a violent eruption. A better word would be furor.
    I sometimes mumble a curse, but it is in my native language and I could not accurately write it down. It only works in Franconia 🙂

    Hey, this is fast!

  3. I am afraid no, MJ: A lack of tasteful photographs well printed and glossy in a presentation folder … no maquillage, body make up, soft light and wrinkle ex …

  4. Your answers are wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed this, as well as the questions you pose. Now I must venture off to try my own hand at Scarlet’s challenge!

  5. D.H Lawrence… the son of a coal miner was from Nottingham – so he’s not welsh.
    Methinks that you’re actually talking about Elizabeth Taylor as Kleopatra… and yes Richard Burton was welsh.

    …that was a bit like doing the cryptic crossword!

  6. Ethereal Highway
    Right on! Nonverbal philosophy is an interesting topic 🙂

    I am very pleased to see you again: I hope your schedule is not that murderous as it used to be!

    YES! Burton I meant. I remember the pictures of him and his father in the village pub.

    Glad you enjoyed this: I am sure you’ll be a creative chef!

  7. That’s what meme! is good for – satisfy the curiosity. A bit. 🙂
    Music is there, have a look at Rosner’s vita, its amazing, all 20th century Europe in it …

  8. “Amerika, du hast es besser” – its a cat’s live!

    “Den Vereinigten Staaten”

    Amerika, du hast es besser
    Als unser Kontinent, das alte,
    Hast keine verfallene Schlösser
    Und keine Basalte.

    Dich stört nicht im Innern,
    Zu lebendiger Zeit,
    Unnützes Erinnern
    Und vergeblicher Streit.

    Benutzt die Gegenwart mit Glück!
    Und wenn nun eure Kinder dichten,
    Bewahre sie ein gut Geschick
    Vor Ritter-, Räuber- und Gespenstergeschichten.

    Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1827)

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