Sunday Music

The whole day was hot, waiting for rain and thunder. Now its  almost over, a friendly rain cleans the air.
Lets start the week gentle, with Eddie Rosner playing “Karavan”.



19 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Roses
    Yes, simply some music … 🙂

    He is forgotten. He went eastward but the Wehrmacht deceided to follow. And when the war was over they sent him to the gulag. After Stalin’s death he seemingly had some good years.

    🙂 That’s the purpose, gentle swaying swinging ladies …

  2. Savannah
    I can not read what the person who loaded it on youtube writes, I can not read Kyrillic. The recording is undated. “Caravan” is done by the Duke 1937 (wiki), Rosner was in America around this time now and then, working on a steamship with his band.

    Glad You enjoy it!

  3. I just had a look at the wikipedia-article about Rosner, and the recording of “Caravan” is mentioned: Seemingly when he was successful in Russia. He emigrated to Belarus end of 1939 and was working there for two years and then was successful in Russia itself: That narrows the timespan from end of 1941 to the end of the war or 1946, when he was arrested.

  4. bmx photo? Grab yer pecks and feeble grind. Or whatever.

    Normally its a car rental agency from Surabaya. So if I ever come to Surabaya – what I would like very well! – I would know what firm to ask for what car. That’s comforting, isn’t it!?

    Leni Q
    I was not yet asked for naughty pics … MJ allows scantly clad.
    I always went to bed late and as student and later I was working at night or very early in the morning. In the night the town is very different.

    Dear Princess,
    glad that you like it. The preparations are in full swing?

    Seriously, Beast, is it not a bit frightening that your global position is linked to a post? That was what I was referring to with my comment about your new toy, Ms Scarlett saied it clearer. And thunder we had here, some very nice flashes.

    With men in suits and women in evening robes … or an early Hitchcock … where Eddie and the Syncopators play in a Kaschemme and Lauren sings, hach …

    Interesting question, xl!


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