My First Post

Yes, my first new post after moving in here from blogger last night. It went without difficulties: Exported my blog in “xml”-data-format and stored it on the hard drive, made an account with WordPress, imported it and here I am. The look and feel are very different – but yes, after four years using a software transition is not too easy.

The customizing is different from blogger, but basically you choose from a large palette of templates and then come up with some tweaks. I looked for a simple one. I still did not manage to insert html-code into a text-widget, it simply does not work: Either the code simply vanishes or it does not work as code and is displayed as text. I would like to have another clock here. The inserting of youtubes is a bit different – but all this is manageable. Generally the WordPress-environment has a more “typographic” feeling to it, what I like very much. Maybe I will change the template later, but now it works for me.

You know how it is when freshly moved in – things are not at the place they used to be, one has to search (and destroy?) things, and it smells of wet paint.

I now declare the kindergarten open!


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  1. xl says:


    Congrats on the move. Looks like a nice start. Ja, different authoring tools over here to get used to.

    I think Blogger is becoming the Fourth Reich. I am seriously considering moving too.

    bis später

  2. Hello and welcome, xl! You ARE fast! I first had to “allow” the comment to appear – I must switch that off. I was mostly concerned not to loose content

  3. Princess says:

    Hello Dear Mago,
    I must say that I do like your new home and thank you for the “how to” on wordpress. I have backed up the palais as suggested and will look into a move if problems persist, failing that I shall seek medical advice..

  4. Lieber Mago, You are my hero.

    Thank you very much for your support, solidarity and strong defence of freedom of speech.

    I’m still under the effects of the shock -MJ’s and my blog removals- but I have decided to move to WordPress too. It’s a matter of principles.

    I don’t want to post the works of my imagination in a place where there’s such an obnoxious type of censorship. It’s like staying in a house where you’re not welcome. And I’ll let them know. They will throw my complaint to the round file, to be sure, but it’s my right to protest and I feel that I have to do it.

    I like a lot your new place. I’m glad that all the techy process went well and hope you keep posting happy here.

    Küsse. 😉

  5. Dear Princess,
    hello and welcome! Good to hear that the palais is out of harm’s reach! I don’t believe that you would need medical advice – I am a complete layman when it comes to programming and such, and when I manage to bring it into another program you can do this all the more!
    I only ten minutes ago discovered a link to “plugins”, and there are clocks! And tons of other things I surely will never need in my whole life, but nearly 50 plugins that will show a working clock – and they are made for wordpress.

    Yes its not yet fully furnished and one has to sit on beer crates, but the fridge is humming and its reasonable clean.
    I am very glad to greet you here.

    Leni Qinan
    Welcome, my dear! Oh, ich tauge nicht zum Helden. You are right, like in a house where one is not welcome – I had the same feeling: A bit like when in a theater the scenery drops down and you look into the machinery … Now lets hope my dear that we do not have to face such a thing again.

  7. Hello and welcome, Joanne! Thank you for your first comment here. I remember to have seen your comments on other sites, especially Roses’. Its only a matter of time and familiarization. I have no idea about the visibility of blogs in general. I’ll have a look at your interesting sites later, sorry, but I have to go and cook now.

  8. Here, I found this box of Champagne by the back door.

    Sorry I’m late, was at work or I’d have helped you move in.

    *looks around*

    Nice place. I think it looks more comfortable than the old one.

    *looks in a box and shuts it quickly*

  9. Hello Joyce! I am glad to see you. Thank you for the compliments … but I am not yet happy with the place. I saw it this evening for the first time on a large screen and there were big white plains on each side of the text column. I have the feeling that a kind of line should be drawn on each side. Tonight I will look for other templates.

  10. Hello and welcome, kyknoord! Thank you for yer first comment here. I did not know about the javascript – on closer inspection the code I was copying sayed something about java! I found the “plugin”-page and there are clocks. I simply found it useful to know the local time when stumbling on a site.
    An indescreet question – are you from the Netherlands?

  11. Roses
    Welcome my dear. Every man needs a hobby … its just a brick collection 🙂
    Is some of the bubbly left, where’s Pete with the refined ingrediences? See I have a light white here, so we’ll have some Kir. Felix Kir was a nice man.

    What a nice piece of ameublement you bring in: Hello and welcome, Boxer! And you are right, its a good place to install the fountain – at least for the next half a year until the Knitting Blog will come! I heared Olde K. mounted his high horse again?
    And by the way, my dear, I am really no hero. Basically I am a fool.

    Carissima, welcome! I am not sure yet with the outfit. Maybe I go for something completely different …

    Hello and welcome, what a joy to see you here. Thank you for the well-wishing! I still wonder where to hang my hat …

    MedamesMesieurs, DamenundHerren, Ladies and Gentlemen – what a pleasure to see you here! We have a vodka-fountain and good company – Lets enjoy it!

  12. Wait until its ready. I am glad to see you here, gut dass Du Dich sehen lässt Amanda. Ich mach’ mir ein wenig Sorgen um Dich. Have a juice, make yourself comfortable … these book cases are very stable …

  13. I like this template. More groovy.

    Just my two pence worth. With inflation, it’s worth bugger all.

    Brick collection eh? That’s what the kidz are calling it these days?


  14. *blush* Hey – its not as it looks! The header image can be changed, and I can scissor one myself if I want. I saw the last on a big screen and there was too much white to the sides. Sadly I will not have a clock again, WordPress allows no Java, and anything clockwise I found is using it.

  15. Happy New Home, Mr Mags!!
    I will be looking at WordPress once I’ve recovered from the weekend. I am exhausted and probably need to sleep for a fortnight.
    MJ is back!!!!

  16. Well, welcome to wordpress. Please ignore my “advice” on your old blog about how to move over cause you seem to have done it well already. I do like the large variety of templates here. Let’s investigate this new world together.

    Again congrats on the relatively smooth move.

  17. Scarlet
    Sleeping is a good idea … Good to see you are back!

    Welcome and thank you for coming by, Austere! I am glad to see you here. I mentioned your blog to Leni Q., maybe she came and visited.

    Thank you savannah – I hope it all went well. My best greetings to the MITM for his Niemöller citation!

    Yes, I played with them – this one is gona stay for the time coming.

    I think I heared some dragging noises in the yard when I left for running errands, but see what a lovely bouquet I found.

  18. xl says:

    Miss Scarlet: You need to configure your avatar in your Word Press account so that it can be seen in comments.

    I set up a WP account a long time ago so that I would have my own avatar when commenting on WP blogs. Otherwise, I was getting those stupid fucking assigned monster avatars!

  19. LGS – Hello and welcome! Yes, its different isn’t it!? And exciting. A lot more things one can “regulate” – einstellen, adjust. I will explore the type-fonts-galerie and maybe I find something. I saw a very stylized template for writing, with a wounderful typography … but it would not fit in here.
    Thank you for the congratulations, I will look for your advice. I not have looked for other wordpress blogs … a bit like in the new neighbourhood uptown.

    Scarlet – drink the water … did you use this gravatar thingy?

  20. MJ says:

    What a grand new home, Herr Mago!

    Shall I bring cake?

    XL: I shall be consulting you in the near future on how to make a WordPress avatar. This sounds silly, but one of the reasons I chose Blogger is because I like the way almost everyone’s avatar shows up in my comment box. I like seeing all of your “faces” showing up in the comment box as it feels more personal.

  21. Mistress – should you ever be on the run again, I can offer you neat shacks in the Thuringian forest! Thank you for the cake, no stains on the new carpet …

    Scarlet – Boxer
    Not quite what one would expect … its still the gravatar logo. But it took for mine also some time to work. I used gravatar, simply loaded it up and finis.

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