Sunday Music

Sunday Music II

Sunday evening in Franconia, its too cold and grey for the season. Is it the shortest night of the year, or is it next night? Martha Reeves ended and summarized the last week for me. This one marks the beginn of the new one.

Ana Moura (wiki) sings fado (Ger., Eng.), and of course there’s saudade (Ger., Eng.), but this is a friendly song. Hope you enjoy it!


22 thoughts on “Sunday Music II

  1. xl says:

    The music is livelier than other Fado I have heard, but the translation was a bit sad.

    I am moving to Word Press later this week.

    bis später

  2. Where did you find a translation, xl? I would like to read one. Moura is one of the new, young fadistas, she’s only thirty.
    Fado in Portugal, Rembethiko in Greece, in Turkey its Huzum – correct me please somebody who knows -, the diverse music of Northern Africa, so much to discover.
    Have you been to Portugal?

  3. xl says:

    Portuguese lyrics here. I used Google Translation Tools to convert to English.

    I have not been to Portugal. I did have a quick trip to Brazil. Only had time to learn: sim, não, por favor, obrigado!

  4. Thank you for the link! I tried babelfish and did not understand nothing: She is in an onion field? MAybe if Leni sees this she can explain something.
    Do you move because of the last week?

  5. xl says:

    Ja, I am moving because of what happened to MJ and Leni. I work in the IT industry and it sickens me to see a company treat their users like that. Especially the missing comments.

    bis später

  6. Leni Qinan says:

    Hai XL, Roses!

    Lieber Mago and XL, Babylon and Google translate literally, and I’m not surprised you didn’t get much of the text. Portuguese and Spanish have the same root and a few words in common. Here’s a free translation of this beautiful fado:

    “For what reason can’t people find each other?
    I looked for you at the Largo da Bica Onion field and I know where to find you
    I even went to the house of fate, but you weren’t anywhere

    For what reason can’t people find each other? Now I don’t know what to do
    Whether to go straight, oh mother of God; or go back, oh my Chiado
    I laugh and say: what an unhappy afternoon

    For what reason people don’t find each other?
    I’m fed up with this, fed up with the truth
    I’m going to sit down, drink, think and see if this feeling of longing for you stays or leaves.
    And maybe, by accident, not really wanting to see you
    Without looking for you, I may see you pass”

    She may be in the onion field or maybe this could be a metaphor for her tears, sho knows.

    Summarizing: she’s desperate to see him, but she can’t find him.

    I bet most of you have been there before, haven’t you? 😉

  7. Leni Qinan says:

    Lieber Mago,

    Saudade is a very special feeling -as Portuguese and Galicians say-. It’s a very melancholic feeling of missing and longing for their land or for a beloved person -typical from the immigrants who miss their home land or -. It describes emptiness, nostalgia… you can find it in the books of Pessoa, in Brazilian music…

    It’s a pretty little fado. The girl is troubled and her language is very funny.

  8. Leni Q.
    I’d like to visit the Spanish Galicia and see the Gulf of Viscaya. The other Galizien I would like to travel too … ach.

    Roses my Dear, you really sung your way through Norfolk? 🙂

    Boxer, I thought we all should have a nice song at the beginning of the new week. Really hope your weekend went well.

    Now I’ll switch the lamp off, tomorrow or better today (I really miss that clock!) I’ll see my ophtalmologist – HA! – and the doc will look deep into mago.

  9. MJ, at least something is working!

    I was a terrible dancer as a young man, Roses, it only became better after mid-thirty. Today its reasonable well, as I am told.

  10. Your music is always perfect, mago.

    Just stopped in to tell you hello–I’m still alive out here in Brooklyn–haven’t been about the blogosphere though…

  11. Leah, I was wondering what happened. I hope there was simply no time for blogging and no accidents or drama: It would be very nice to see The Weather in the Streets again!

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