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‘Worst Remake’  Milk River Madman saied, the host of Movie Clip Wednesday for June. There is an interesting list on wikipedia giving English films based on foreign language films. I had no idea that M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder, the 1931 masterpiece of Fritz LANG was ‘remade’ 1951. Of course there are remakes of Hollywood films by Hollywood: The famous Ben Hur of 1959 has at least two predecessors (1907, 1925), and I’d really like to see Ramon NAVARRO in his heyday. The Maltese Falcon of 1941 is strictly speaking also a remake, because the story was made into a film 1931 by Roy del RUTH, who gave us The Alligator People 1959, seemingly his last film.

There are not too many good stories available and its nothing wrong if someone grabs a novel or another filmplot and adapts it to his liking – and hopefully the audience’s too. But often a strange feeling stays behind, especially when one saw ‘the original’ before or it has a special meaning in one’s biography.

Some film carry a certain atmosphere that can not reproduced, and one should not try this. ‘Las Piedras’ is somewhere, it’s not useful or in any way important to locate it on a map, like f.e. Venezuela. The men here are driftwood of the war, no ‘international criminals’. Half of the film sees just a cantina, the ‘action’ itself takes the smaller amount of time, and is in no way spectacular: no rope-bridge dangling over a swollen river. Just a man who has to drive over his  friend’s leg to save the expedition.

I do not say that this remake is ‘the worst remake’, I only point to the fact that a remake is another film, and FRIEDKIN 1977 is totally different from CLOUZOT 1953; and in my humble opinion Le Salaire de la peur is a better film than Sorcerer.



And if you wonder, what the hell Ives MONTAND says to Charles VANEL, its in Japanese, because this is the only version of this scene I could find on youtube. He may say the usual, it’s not too important: Look at the pictures.


22 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. 63,

    Thanks for stopping over and reading the drivel. The first clip is disabled and I’ll have to watch it tonight. I loved the song below. Had a similar melody to a Michael Buble tune and loved the woman singing. In every way. Your blog is very well done and I’ll be back. Happy MCW.

  2. Hello! How nice that you’re in this week and I love your write up and clip. Americans have a tendancy to forget that there are other countries making good (and bad) movies and that’s one of many reasons I’m glad to have found your blog. Thanks for playing this week.

  3. That’s what I like about clicking on here in the morning (or any other time of day), I’m never sure what you’ll be blogging about. Your movie choices are a complete and pleasant surprise.

    Happy MCW, hope the sun is shining with you today.

  4. Mr. Madman, welcome, and thank you for your first comment here. I will look what other films are in this week as soon as possible.

    Boxer, one time I forgot, then the blog elimination took place … its interesting to see and compare how stories are told, Friedkin of eternal French Connection fame made a total different film.

    Roses, a pleasure to surprise you! The sun shines, works needs to be done, but I need another coffee … 🙂

  5. this seems like a good place to leave those quote I heard in a Steve Taylor song – “if the sequel has had it’s day then the remake is on the way”. that line always cracked me up.

    anywho…no there aren’t too many stories available anymore. I’ll find a theme and chase it for awhile and then get bored. Like I just went through a bunch of WWII movies/stories that I enjoyed. But now I want to move onto other things.

  6. I think it’s fine to remake films so long as they are different from the original. I cannot see the point in just updating it with more modern actors which I believe happens with some of them. And to produce something inferior to the original just seems pointless.

  7. Leni Qinan says:

    Shit. they have now removed the blogroll from my old blog. Sorry Mago, I’ll be back with a proper comment, but this is too much.

  8. Buzz Kill says:

    I’ve never heard of either of these films, but the first one is pretty timely with the oil leak in the gulf. I’m not sure I get why you’d drive an explosives truck through a lake of oil, but I guess old Ives had his reasons. I liked the explosive timer in the 2nd clip – ingenius.

    Happy MCW!

  9. Leni Qinan says:

    ((Mago, I’m not just empfindlich but also paranoid about it. Tut mir leid. 😦 ))

    My worst remake: Tim Burton’s ‘Planet of the apes’. And I must say that I really love Tim Burton’s films. But not this one.
    If Charlton Heston saw it…

    About “Sorcerer”… is it my imagination or does it have some tracks by Tangerine Dream?

  10. Its not your imagination – actually the music was according to some critics the best about the whole film: Its Tangerine Dream and I think the music was nominated for soemthing.

  11. nimh says:

    I wouldn’t want to lose you after all these years. I have saved your new address in “My Favorites”, because you are you kow, one of my favorites. You and and Austy have been with me a long time now. The little one is now two months old today. There’s just no reasoning with infants you know…

  12. There’s a lot of crap being deposited on the screen this summer. I rarely go to movies in theatres–it’s not worth the cost. I wait and rent them via Blockbuster or Netflix. Then if they suck, at least the cost was minimal.

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