Last night I attended as a guest an ‘Abschlussball’, a class finally reached the abiturium. While the tests were written some weeks ago and final examinations had been done through April and May, this was the official end of their schooldays. A mass, speech of the rector (very interesting), official presentation of the certificate with special mentions, champagne reception in the inner yard, dinner, Jazz combo, later dancing. Interestingly the fratres (OSB) socialised very well (glass in hand, hehee)  – the school is located in a monastery, pater abbas gave a short and thoughtful speech.

Youth is wasted on the young, men especially, too cool to move their asses and dance. The young women were a real show and worth any second in this hall and it were the parents who really celebrated the liberation: The young people now are free to stand on their own feet, what could have been done was done; wheter they learn a profession or trade now, study, serve in one way or another, its up to them to deceide. The ‘Reifezeugnis’, or ‘Matura’ as is the fitting Austrian name, allows them to join a university of their choice, now or later. Most of them will move to another place in the coming months and for all of them starts a new stage of life.

The parents were happily dancing and I think most of them will remodel their lives now and perhaps ask themselves  something like ‘How was it twentysomething years ago? Where did I stop?’


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  1. Ah, the start of a new adventure. For the parents-if the children leave-how do we help without doing too much for them. If the children stay- how do we get them to go forward, be independent and mature without too many errors.
    For the children- stay or go,more schooling or a job, and deal with all the temptations in the world.
    But first enjoy the party.

  2. Leni Qinan says:

    Well, I suppose most of the work is done there; parenting is educating kids to help then become independent and happy adults. Then, they will have to take decisions.

    Youngsters have many chances to dance , but parents don’t. I can picture them enjoying the dance and celebrating the joy to have their children graduated.

    I hope you had a dance or two in between the socialising time, 😉

  3. Boy has just finished the first part of his education. Now I think, comes the hard part. Depending on his results he may go on to higher education, I hope he does. As for the letting go part of parenting…not for a while yet.

    I never pass on an opportunity to dance. Hope you didn’t either.

  4. xl says:

    @ Roses: [whispers] Even though it says “no sports” in the masthead, I am thinking Herr Mago may be out celebrating the soccer match.

  5. Ah, life. When we’re that young, we think we know everything, we act so cool and nonchalant, thinking we must look cool to fit the part about being an adult.

    But it takes time and experience to learn that life isn’t about looking cool. It’s about living. The lucky ones learn this early on. The rest of us just try to enjoy whatever time we’ve got, doing the things that make us laugh and have fun.

    Gratulation, Mago! Germany made it to the quartefinals! I’m off to root for Mexico–someone from North America should at least make the quarterfinals, and perhaps win!

  6. Well, Joyce, it was a party!

    Glad to see you ’round here, Raine! I hope you can drop by from time to time.

    Thank you Leni, es war ein sehr unterhaltsamer Abend!

    Roses, the letting go part is always a bit difficult, especially for mothers.

    I realy believe that most parents ask themselves something like that, Chandrika. There was a life before parenting!

    Just delivered, Roses: A lonely trumpet this time – *sniff*

    XL, sorry no, I had a quick glance at the livestream sometimes in the second half, but that was that. It is really hot outside and the last days were demanding – so no party. I wait for the half-final.

    I am not into ball games too, Roses – except snooker – but I am astounded of the result – the Brits seemingly did not play?

    Hello Eroswings – exactly, they learn the forms, content has to be filled in by life. As I heared the Southern Americans are pretty good this time, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina. Maybe good old Diego will take care of the trophy …

  7. A solemn moment. Beginnings and endings.

    pretty tough to get into a post graduate course here, so it is more about whatever course you can get, rather than your choice. I see my niece doing this– want to ask her to slow down, but that is not the way…

  8. Is this the main, significant indicator for the new society, the new life – its acceleration: I wonder how this all will work out? Since the beginning of the 20th century life becomes faster, starting in the cities but slowly accelerating the whole of Europe, Northern America, Asia … it was once called the ‘American way of life’, became an international export and role model, and today modern global structures change individual societies. But nowadays its not just imitating an example but using modern means and hopefully keeping the individuality of a society, a cultural setting … the means provided by digitalization and other possibilities should be adapted to the society, not only the technical things be allowed to shape a society – ach, its too hot and I need another coffee …. I am glad to see you here Austere!

  9. if it is a new society, then one without depth or patience!
    maybe I am being too harsh.
    What it will do to the brain structure in the long run, all this need for constant dopamine?
    NOW I sound old.

  10. I am sure that the brain structure changes, after all it is a highly adaptable tool. The constant change in itself is not bad, but the lack of interpersonal behaviour is sometimes a bit frightening: Friendlyness and patience are seen as weakness, and the constant embetterment of our tools of communication has not necessarily provided better content, insight or understanding.

    But on the bright site are our curiosity and the fact that there always will be readers!

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