Sunday Music

Miles DAVIS plays trumpet, Louis MALLE directs it: Ascenseur pour l’èchafaud is a classic film with a classic soundtrack, marks the begin of the nouvelle vague : A perfect thriller. Beautiful Jeanne MOREAU walks through Paris …


24 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Glad that you like it, Joyce!

    Nouvelle Vague brings back to life some of these ‘old’ songs in a very remarkable way, XL. I never would have thought that the old ‘Eisbaer‘ would crawl again!

  2. Great track, Mago. I saw him play in Madrid loooooong ago and it was great. This brings sweet memories: my first bf -a huge jazz fan- gave me the album “In a silent way”. Unfortunately, I was not familiar at all with jazz at the time and the album slept on a shelf for years -see how ungrateful women can be!-. Many years later, I was mature enough to appreciate the beauty of Miles’ music. So long live Miles Davis!

    Nouvelle Vague! That’s one of my favourite bands! Their remakes of old hits from the 80s are wonderful! I recomment you “Bande à part”, but all they do is very sweet and relaxing.

  3. You are absolutely right, Jazz has to do with maturity, Leni. Davis is one of those I still have to explore. And in my shelf sits and waits a CD of ‘Kind of Blue’ … it still felt not right. Strange, isn’t it? Things have their time.
    Nouvelle Vague was absolutely unknown to me until XL named them in his comment above.

  4. Ach, die Kickerei! I only wondered what has happened to the Brits? Did they hide? The result is a big surprise in this highth … I did not follow the game, just glanced now and then on the lifestream in the second half and saw a German Stuermer out-dancing two English defenders (it was already 4:1) and thought that Rooney and friends suffered a first-class funeral. German soccer is not known for technical finesse …

  5. But it’s effective, Mago, and this is what counts! Die Deutscher guys have their technique and they’re among the favourites. 4:1 against England is a shocking result. Das isst Fussball!

  6. The Spanish and the Portugues teams are still in, South American teams, Asian teams too … will be an interesting week. Good to see that Ghana is still representing Africa.

  7. I’m not a huge jazz fan. But I like this.

    See, that’s why I like coming over here, you’re expanding my horizons.

    For the second time this week, I was in a pub garden sitting in the sunshine while England played. I’m happy to say I had lots more fun than they did.

  8. Glad that you like it Roses. Good that I was not there, singing “Rule Franconia, Franconia rule the waves” would have been no good idea then … :))

    It’s really special, LGS: Moreau’s character walks through Paris to this music, melancolic and slightly confused.

    Hello and welcome, sms: I visited your site and must confess that I do not fully get it what you are doing there: You collect short messages? I am nearly digital illiterate and have sent circa five sms in my life, received maybe ten. The portable will be gone next month – I doubt that I will miss it much. I looked for a “about”-button or something but found nothing – would you mind to tell me something about your site?

  9. The fact that I was born in Trinidad and my mother was German, I could get away with cheering for the Franconians had any any enthusiasm to muster about football. I don’t. And I don’t care.

  10. Hello Boxer, glad that you come by. Its not exactly ‘cheering up music’ … and I do not think that you look for such a thing. I hope things go well.

    Hello Joanne – you are also known as Brown Eyed Girl, yes? I always looked at your other blog and wondered what happened? I somehow missed that you have another one too.

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