The Emperor was very interested in archeology. His Majesty personally supervised excavations in Corfu, where he held since 1907 the Achilleion, the palace Elisabeth of Austria had built.
Some years earlier the excavations of Assur (Ger., Eng.) had begun, under DELITZSCH (Ger., Eng.), KOLDEWEY (Ger., Eng.) and ANDREAE (Ger., Eng.), supervised by the Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft (Eng., Ger.) (DOG), and Wilhelm’s interest surely was not purely scientific: his never ending dreams about Germany’s Platz an der Sonne (Ger., Eng.), his ambitions for glory and Weltmacht let him eye the Middle East as next area of interest (‘Interessengebiet’, ‘Einflussgebiet’), opposing the ever envied and admired English cousins.
The finds can be seen in Berlin in the Vorderasiatisches Museum (Ger., Eng.), which is part of the Pergamon Museum. They found thousands and thousands of cuneiform tablets.  In small clay tablets signs and sign combinations were ‘written’, pressed into the wet clay with a reed stylus. This writing, this kind of  alphabeth, took a long development and variations of more complicated and simpler varieties exist – the most notable scholar who had surely and undoubtely read the most of them and whose understanding was fundamental, was A. Leo OPPENHEIM (cdli, Eng.), editor of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary (Eng.).
I will not follow the development of the signs here, but want to look at the content of these tablets a bit.

They excavated no libraries, but mostly archives. So they did not find books, but files, Akten. These two sorts of texts are fundamentally different. A book has an author, devine or human,  and mostly contains a kind of story, regardless of the literary form.  A file has no author, it simply is: It tells a story, but only in second or thirt sight. A file is generated by a process and documents this process. And in this respect exists no difference between a file about the average cost of an Assurian worker from 3000 BC and a file about the construction of a Franconian castle from the 18th century. Files, Akten, are recording machines allowing the administration of an organization, regardless of the subject of the organization: It does not matter what is administered.

Files are ruled by lists. And the archeologists of the 19th century unearthed tons of lists. Lists programme files, they give series of steps that have to be followed in a certain order:  Control characters operate the file from the very first set up until the last filing, ad acta, in the archive. A set of operators gouvern the file, each one shows that a previous step is done and in doing so orders the next step: Without cor for correctum on the draft a clean copy can not produced; without the sign, that allows the expedition, the clean copy can not be sent out – and so on: One step gives the next, a chain reaction, sending  pieces of paper or tons of clay on their way …

And in the core of all this is a list, a list of signs, of operators, characters of control.

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  1. Lieber Mago, this sounds to me as a some sort of primary bureaucracy -not in a derogatory sense, but in the most genuine sense of the word-. What were the Akten about? Your first paragraph made me think of the Rosetta Stone, at the Britism Museum. Different eras but real treasures both.

    When I visit Berlin, I will make a long stop at the Pergamon Museum, to be sure.

    Bis später!

  2. that’s exactly what came to my mind a bureaucracy at its best or worse. i’m lost in my own bureaucratic malaise right now, so i’ll have to come back and read this again. y’all do give me food for my poor addled brain! xoxoxo

  3. Killed my own coment.

    Sorry. While I hit myself … ach … a c h …

    Seriously about the acta tomorrow Leni, after sleep.

    A bureaucratic malaise – ask Josef K., he knows all about the Prozess … sorry Savannah, my English will improve.

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  6. Dear Infomaniacs,

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  7. Fingers crossed.

    Mago, a friend went to Berlin — she works in Frankfurt– and thru her pictures I have “visited” Pergamon, and read the wikipedia entry. Specially about the gate with the strange creatures.
    Why would someone keep information in this listed way? To restrict access?

  8. Leni – I do not think that Nightcruizer kicked me out: I think that their serves had problems. Yesterday I was not able to comment on many blogger blogs, it always was a error “404”, “internal error” or a “number 500”. And when I wanted refresh the thread I was kicked out, the page not showing.

    When the archeologists came on these tablets they first thought they would have found libraries. It took some time to recognize that they looked at files. In a list – and the administrators in Assur seemingly already used this – one can keep an order: Important things first and so down the list until the less important topics are reached. Step after step – an order in both senses of the word, and it gives what has to be done, it structures doing or deeds, its a process.

    The importance of something can expressed by the position in the list. And a position can be connected with a certain topic, like f.e. thirt line from above: taxes payed, in sheep.

    The list is a fundamental tool to organize, to structure. The information in the list is not freely accessible, because all administrators use their own language, shortings, signs, and they normally do not write in sentences – that is not important and sensefull, its a list. So the list and thus the administration is exclusive, excluding those who can not read the signs.
    And all that happens in the cancellaria, which is a separated area.

    The finding of these lists proofs that in Assur and other places they had a highly developed administration, a state, offices etc. a theory of what they were doing, a working organized and structured administration ruled by lists.

    Ah the heat gently boils my brain.

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