LONE GREY SQUIRREL showes a photograph of the world cup, ‘Today’s featured article’ on wikipedia English is about the Royal Gold Cup, and, of course, there’s always the famous Norfolk cup (Z’s blog here). Scarlet Blue describes some difficulties she has encountered with her cups, there is a measuring guide too, but I am a little distracted, sorry.

So cups are in the air and I wonder how these trophys actually look: I expected the 2010 FIFA World CUP cup to look, yes,  like a cup, but it seems to represent a different sort of τροπαιον – maybe I confused it with the UEFA CUP trophy, from which the victors can take a big swig after the battle: In my imaginative mind these trophys are always ‘Pokale’, goblets, things from what one drinks.

Laurel wreaths are passè, since the early modern period these are presented only to poets and other scribblers, while the heroic men of sword and deed take a big gulp. Preferably from the enemy’s skull, what reminds me of Asterix und die Normannen (Ger., Eng.), where head-norman MAULAF downs many skulls of calva.

Besides all these football cups exist a lot of other world cups, mostly given out by associations, and some other cups of note, f.e. the Admiral’s Cup, World Snooker Championship, or the Tourist Trophy. The Americans of course do it differently, and have a Super Bowl. To make it clear, it’s not the Puggy WEAVER, but the Vince LOMABRDI trophy.

If I will ever need a cup, I certainly will buy it in the well asorted specialized trade, and luckily we have such a shop in town.

I was once awarded with something like a cup, at the Bundesjugendspiele in the early seventies, I hated it from the bottom of my heart.  Let’s hope that this evening will bring a fair and good game, Uruguay versus Germany had earlier turned into a kind of brawl and there is no need to repeat that.


12 thoughts on “Cups

  1. Leni Qinan says:

    There are so many kinds of cups, indeed!

    Why do you hate so much your Bundesjugendspiele cup? I won something much worse as a kid: a Coca-cola writing contest -with a lousy composition!-. I still have the draft but never read it back since the day I wrote it.

    I’ll see the match with some friends this evening, Mago and -of course- I will support Germany. Viel Glück!

    And of course, I hope Spain will win tomorrow. But I hope that everybody finds out here that there’s life after the World Cup! 🙂

  2. Thank you very much, Chandrika Shubham!

    It was less the ‘cup’, Leni – I am almost unsure what I really received; I do remember that I was given a kind of cerificate. What I hated was the Sportplatz, the useless running around, gym teachers belching out orders military style. I always was bad at running and jumping. Later, with 15 or 16, I simply quit. I remember well when we had to run one kilometer, early afternoon, summer. After some rounds I stopped. Mr. teacher was yelling and wanted to grab me. I made clear that he better not touch me (he realized that I really was ready to brake his neck) and sat in the shade and that was that. I still took part in other sports but running was over.
    I particularily enjoyed throwing the discus, Speerwerfen, Kugelstoßen or Hammerwerfen. Technic and power concentrated in one flowing movement, much more interesting than stupidly running in boring circles like a mule or crawling on the ground and making Purzelbaum like a fool just because Mr. teacher orders one to do it.
    Enjoy the game and the evening! The vuvus will show me how the game is going. I will have a look at the Final and support Spain!

  3. That is cool! And the driver in the picture seemingly has won it the third time – respect! Indianapolis 500 is one of THE races, like the 24 hours of LeMans, or the TT of the Isle of Man – ah, Joey Dunlop: The only man who could win a race on a one liter bike, jump on a 125 (1/8 liter), race on and win again! They built a monument for him.

  4. I like the Strictly Come Dancing trophy because it looks like it’s going to fall apart at any moment.
    And I like cups of tea.
    I couldn’t sleep and have been awake since 4am, sorry apologies for being nonsensical.

  5. Two fistfull.

    I have to look for this trophy, Scarlet. It did not get cooler at night, its tropical. Today thunder and rain is expected and will ad the humidity, the land seems paralyzed, sleeping is difficult because the accustomed patterns change. And no need to excuse!

  6. Amanda says:

    My son… Yes, he said something about a delay in the certificates. The new couple looks like boring Ja-Sager. I’m sure they’ll get to it ASAP…

  7. Mr. W. always saied “yes”, that’s why he became a big shot in the party. Good for Angie – 1.) another potential rival out of the way, and 2.) a quiet and carefree president. In near future the garderobe of the First Lady will be a topic in Spiegel and Zeit …

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