Sunday Music

Sunday Music

It’s hot in Franconia, so we can use some cool jazz.  Paul DESMOND’s  (Ger., Eng.) alto sax is nice: This is a version from 1966 of his great hit ‘Take five’. It is interesting to compare their different recordings, DESMOND and BRUBECK must have played it in any possible way under nearly any circumstances.

Hope you enjoy.


21 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Princess says:

    I love this stuff Mago!
    What great pre match entertainment… as I’m staying up to watch the Cup Final which starts at 4am over here…
    I think some cool cocktails are required for this groovy listening

  2. Leni Qinan says:

    Mago, this track was in a family album when I was a kid! Nice memories you’re now bringing back! How unfortunate that I wasn’t mature enough to fully enjoy it until I grew older -same as my story with Miles Davies. Then, I slowly started liking it and now I have a nice collection!

    Hai XL! I really luv the Bossa too!

  3. Dear Princess, you are right – some cool cocktails and one or two Pall Mall in memoriam P. Desmond …

    Leni Qinan, could follow the game only now and then and always saw an oranje man fouling a Spaniard! They seem to take it as infight?

    De rien, Roses ! I hope your muscular awakening will go on …

  4. Roses says:

    Quite frankly, the way my shoulders feel at the moment, I would much rather they go back to sleep.


    Do you do shoulder massages as well?

  5. But now that they are awake there’s no way back, Roses …
    Yes, my dear. One or two drops of olive oil and shh, quiet please, no loud groaning … people want to sleep 🙂

  6. Amanda says:

    It just occurred to me what lung strength, was für “können” must be necessary to play sax this way.

    I’m ready for this continental heatwave to go away, now.

  7. Oh Mistress forgive me, I let myself get carried away …

    Desmond was a master and did it in his very own way, very different from saxplayers like Adderly, Coltrane and the other heroes. A heavy smoker he died of lung cancer in his early fifties. Er hat etwas Leichtes, Schwebendes, Veträumtes in seinem Spiel, elegant, kontrolliert – und doch kann immer Etwas ausbrechen. I’m sorry Amanda, but Wetter24 and all the others say we’ll bruzzel away at least another week.

  8. Roses says:

    Sorry MJ, as I’m not surfing on my laptop, I couldn’t pop by and ask permission.

    My 14 year old, very Catholic nephew would need years of therapy if he followed me over to yours….not to mention that his parents would kill me.

  9. I would really like to hear your version, Scarlet! Can you record it? Excuse me while I glide back into the heat-induced coma … there’s some rumbling on the horizon, but I do not believe that we will have a small thunderstorm here … too bad …

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