Sunday Music

Sunday Music

GULDA plays For Rico.

Hope you enjoy it.


22 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Princess says:

    That’s a beautiful piece of music. The clavichord, did it come before or after the Harpsichord? I can never remember… It was a long time ago that I studied historical musical instruments…
    He does do amazing things with such a difficult instrument to play….
    Wonderful stuff… I just hope Rico appreciates the effort!

  2. Leni Qinan says:

    What a nice evolution from a classic to a jazzy style in this tune! I’ve Googled his name and -correct me if I’m wrong, please- is he the Friedrich Gulda, the brilliant interpreter of Mozart and Beethoven since he was 20, but then changed his tuxedo for a funny hat and explored the world of jazz and disco music?

    What a great choice, Mago! (Do you live now under a layer of tropical fruits? I like the new decor!) 🙂

    Liebe Grüsse!

  3. Dear Princess, I can not say which is older – I guess it is even different to define them all accurately. Maybe harpsichord containes various types of instruments. I think both types were invented or constructed in the late Middle Ages, around 1500 they surely exist. Maybe Hollfelder knows more … I guess the main difference is the transportability and the way they strings are … “touched”? There must be a technical term, expression, for it.
    His sons Rico and Paul also became pianists.

    It’s the one and only Friedrich Gulda, Leni, teacher of Martha Agerich, Mozart interpreter extraordinaire, and whatnot … I change the header frequently, today it’s Fruchtkuchen!

  4. Given the time difference of six hours, Roses (I think you saied six hours last week), it must have been 08:00 in the damn dark morning when you wrote this: Respect – You’ll turn into an early riser !

    Yes, Scarlet has developed a kind of cup-problem as it seems, LGS …

  5. Roses says:

    Don’t tell anyone, but I’m getting up between half-six and seven now. Very damn, dark morning I can tell you. But it’s the coolest part of the day.

  6. Guten Tag, MJ, ich bin sehr erfreut Dich hier begrüßen zu dürfen und freue mich über jeden Deiner Kommentare – besonders, weil WordPress keine Vorschau und keinen Mülleimer anbietet: Yes, I read your complaints at XL’s.

    Roses – You’ll return completely re-modelled, a short-haired early-riser: What will Dave say?

    Ich hoffe es hat Dich ein wenig abgelenkt, Amanda …

    You think so, Soren ? I guess Manzarek’s monotonous bling-bling was a bit boring in Gulda’s ears …

    Oh, thanks for coming by and listening, Chandrika Shubham!

    Roses, MJ – don’t get mad, I’m here too.

    I’m with Lola, xl. No, I do not link the DAF-version …
    The desaster of the loveparade struck heavily, very bad thing. I remember pictures from a mass-hysteria in a football stadium years ago where the poor lads were practically smashed on massive iron fences.
    I do not visit such events. I feel very uneasy in the midle of a mass of people. And the other thing is that I can not stand techno-“music”: For me its falls in the category “noise pollution” and its no wonder that people need to chip in drugs like candy to stand this crap.

    You could play QBZ, Roses.

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