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The last week was draining, physically and emotionally. I had to deal with authorities, mostly incarnate as middle-aged men behind desks with bad taste in shirts. Some of these people would have turned even the MAHATMA  into a trigger-happy maniac. The standard answer was ‘No, I do not fill this form!’ and a dirty look – they all filled them damned forms in the end.

A very surprising and nice exception was the poor lady who has to ‘manage’ (as if …) my bank-account – she came up with a very nice solution and after I had asked her why she handled things the way she did, she explained that I was a long time customer, who always phoned in when things get in motion and that I was a friendly man. I hope she is right about the last thing, I at least really try to be gentle and friendly, that’s why being treated like an annoying subject, a Unterthan, makes me angry. Some other things did not help.

A good thing happened too, I phoned with a man who eventually gives a job to me. If I finally rub the last surviving brain cells together and write a proper application. The whole thing is a bit of a litmus test, has the potential to determine where I stand.

I wondered what Sunday Music to bring today and finally choose some jazz from Azerbaijan, sadly there is no wiki-entry about Tofig AKHMEDOV. BTW don’t get fooled by the first 50 seconds, it’s not folk music … the village is only at a stone’s throw, everywhere. Azerbaijan is east of Franconia. Maybe you have heard about Baku, that in part became a World Heritage Site 2000.

Hope you enjoy it.



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  1. Ha, Joyce – I am superstituous, so – after having knocked on wood – I’ll will talk about it detailed only when it’s successfull. I should learn what it’s all about in August.

  2. Lieber Mago, i like my night visits to your home before I go to bed, happy after listening to your surprising Azerbaijanisch jazz (beautiful and relaxing!).
    I’m sorry to read you had a hard week, but all in all i have the impression that your balance is not bad. ((It’s been horrible over here too, balance still not ended)).

    Let’s knock on wood about the superstition thing -i won’t write it, just in case-.

    Viel Glück und Liebe Grüsse!

  3. Can you give details about your job yet? You start in August? Is it using your fantastic brain, or have you had to be sensible and get something to keep going?


    One of the greatest comforts after a bad week, is curling up in bed and thinking ‘that week is done! I don’t ever have to do that again.’ If necessary, you can change the ‘week’ for ‘day’, ‘hour’ or ‘minute’.

    Many, many warm hugs to you.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that you had a rough week. But I’m hoping that things will work out for you.

    The music is great. The first time I ever heard of Azerbaijan was last year when I saw a Eurovision competition. I kept thinking to myself, wait, what are Azerbaijan and Turkey and Israel doing in the competition? Aren’t they in Asia? Not Europe?

  5. Raine – what a joy to see you here! Encouraging! I hope you could come out of the funk a bit …

    Danke für die guten Wünsche, Leni. Azeri jazz seemingly was a well known brand in the former SSSR. There is a lot to discover. The exotic is near, sometimes just next door! About the superstition see the following comment too.

    Sorry, Roses, no details – I am superstituous. I’ll write about it when it works. And belive me, nobody will miss it then, but only then. The German expression is “etwas beschreien”, litterally to shout at something, better in the meaning of “etwas herbeischreien”: turning the course of events by talking too early about something or by using a wrong word. The idea behind is that tha (magical) word has the power to change things, that there’s a phase of indecision when the further development is open to influences and that one can make things go wrong by simply talking to early about what will happen – a bit like the hunter who already boasts about his prey even before he went to hunting …
    Curling up is not unknown to me …

    Hell Eroswings, let’s go to Baku! Since the end of the SSSR the word “Eurasia” has a totally new ring to it. The European Union has a special partnership with these now independent countries like Georgia, Azerbidjan and others – North of Turkey. Its a dangerous area filled with oil and anything that grows underground, like diamonds, gold – just name it. And all the old players are on stage again: Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, India, and of course Europe that wants to know what happens on her baclony – I think Georgia once was called Europe’s balcony towards Asia. Europe and Turkey are negotioating for ages now about how the bilateral relations should be organized and whether Turkey should join. Joining the Union not necessarily brings improvements. Anyway, Europe needs Turkey maybe more than the other way round. Interesting question is where Asia starts and Europe ends. It can not be marked with a line in the sand and we see a large zone of transition.

  6. I can understand your not wanting to share yet. May I light a candle tonight, to send my good wishes for your job?


    Sometimes, I really do wish we all lived down the street from each other. It would be so good to meet in a pub. You could introduce me to some good German wines, we could buy Ms Boxer Grey Goose and then go back to yours to all curl up on the couch together, listen to music while you massage MJ’s feet (and mine! 🙂

    That would just be awesome.

  7. Dear Mago,
    Your bank account manager knows a good man when she sees one. I wish you all the best for the job. We will throw a wild party when it is confirmed. Oh, and we can have Azerbaijani jazz then too.

  8. Good to hear that all is well, Austere.

    My bank lady never looses hope, LGS. I can not afford to disppoint her! If this goes through I’ll throw my books into a lorry and move to another place. And I’ll throw some bottles at some people, and some candles at Mary.

    But now let’s not talk about it anymore: Letters and papers are on the way, one thing must work finally!

  9. Listen up pleb you aren’t fooling anyone, I’m the friendly sort around here. I shall demonstrate, need any help writing yer paper? I’m a world famous blogger ya know.
    Thanks for the warning about the Jazz if ya ever catch me listening to Jazz boot me in the balls.

    Oh the bank lady wants you…………..

  10. I second Oldknudsen: the bank lady wants you! Be nice to her, you may need a mortgage or a loan someday. Who knows. 😉

    (PS.- Cross my fingers and toes for you-know-what)

  11. That’s how I feel about dealing with the asshats in financial aid at my school. If anything can make me go postal, it will be them. They told me I had to fill out an appeal form to get financial aid–and then pulled my financial aid and put me on academic suspension for the crime of filling out too many appeal forms. I was livid. I hope I will able to get my financial aid again this fall, or life is going to become increasingly difficult as I am again going to have to cut back my schedule in order to attend clinicals.
    The beaurocrats (I can never properly spell that word) of this world are the lowest common denominator. If ever there were devils in the flesh, it is they.

  12. Yes Mago, I have my shorts on now.

    Oops, you meant shots, not shorts (perhaps the anti-knudsen vaccine?). What do you mean he’s… infective? He looks harmless like an adorable grandpa, with his tight beret and all. LOL

  13. Spectra, being denied because of having written too many appeals is a nice variant! I have not encauntered this before. Bureaucrazy is something of a pest of the modern world. The early sociologists, notabely Max Weber, wrote and thought about it – how this system forms humans. But Weber died shortly after WWI and he did not see the limiteless bureaucrazy of the 20th century that would follow. Today some things became better, but the basically it is that a human is converted into a case. And that will never change.

    Well, Leni, ‘harmless like an adorable grandpa‘ is something that surely does not come to my mind when I think about Old K. Maybe he allows you to touch his cap. It’s saied to have magical power.

    It was a mostly uneventful week, Roses, only tomorrow in the damndarkmorning I will have to see another terribly important bureaucratic person. And that’s why I will go to bed now – before midnight! – to catch some sleep.

    I’ll post more in the coming days. 🙂

  14. By the way – I tried to comment on blogger blogs, right now and some hours ago, it did not work for the whole day, was always told that they are unable to do this. Maybe some other piece of code gave up …

  15. Cross my fingers and toes for you! I may touch Old K’s cap to send you good vibes and good luck! (But only his cap!) 🙂

    Gute Nacht, schlaf schön und viel Glück!

  16. The husband would tell me that public employees treat everyone this way and I wouldn’t believe him. (I thought they were only mean to foreigners.) I guess he was right.

    I hope you’ll have the outcome you want.

  17. I did wonder why you hadn’t been over to say hello. Ah well.

    Sleep tight Mein Herr. Good luck with your meeting tomorrow, though by the time I get up, your meeting will be a dim and distant memory.

    But the best thing about tomorrow is: it’s Friday! Yay!

  18. Danke, Leni, all went well.

    The outcome is not yet deceided, Amanda, but in the current situation it only can be an embetterment. They should be called public enemies.

    I’ll come right over, Roses.

    But he’s a lovely old grandpa, harmless and adorable. I guess Leni is right MJ. This not the Knudsen we knew anymore …

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