Sunday Music

Sunday Music

A bit late, I know, and beg your pardon.

A small piece by Henry Purcell (Ger., Eng.). Seemingly simple, definitely lovely.

What we call ‘real life’ sometimes is an obstacle to blogging.



17 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Leni Qinan says:

    Real life often interferes and prevents us from the freedom and easiness of blogging, indeed. I could write a book about that. But life goes on, here and there.

    Thank you for this beautiful piece by Henry Purcell. I hope your days from now on are much better and you can post some Sunday rock -which will mean you’re in high spirits, and I’ll be very happy for you-.


  2. This afternoon Mr. Do-it-yourself took over the neighbourhood: He has an incredible collection of electric power tools and I guess he will not stop until even the last tiny bit was put out of the tool box and used … Oh Herr …

  3. Sorry XL, I am absolutely unfamiliar with P.D.Q.Bach. Thank you for the link!

    The day did not go really bad, Joyce. I later had to drive to Nuermberg and back – and this part was not bad. I only hope that Mr. Powertool finally has had his fun …

  4. HA, MJ, no leather boots …

    Yep, Austere, Mr. Powertool started to go through his collection again this morning. The appartement is not larger than mine, what are these people really doing there? Wonders of the world …

  5. Hallo Wanda! It’s in the middle of the night now and I guess he’d be lynched when hammering on after 20:00 or so. But I was out from the afternoon onwards and returned only some hours ago, I have no idea when he actually stopped. I am glad to see you and hopefully you can slow down a bit!

  6. This is a strange thing, Roses, because when I embedded it, all was working. Only afterwards the embedding was disabeled, have no idea why and when
    The clip is here:

    Does this work now?

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