Alte Säcke

This late morning the phone rang, an unknown number of a portable. My eldest friend telling me that he is in town, sadly not because of a happy occasion, but staying in hospital. He was admitted end of last week, sent over by his family doctor because the pressure in one eye was too high. In the specialized clinic they told him that he could go home but would surely have to return within 48 hours, or could stay now and have treatment at once. So he stayed, was operated and is recovering now.
Today he was able and in the mood to phone someone and he phoned me, of course his wife had been there. He’s a bit older than me, in the beginning of his fifties. We chatted for some hours, über Gott und die Welt. He’s serving as mayor in a small town to the North and it was very interesting to see his point of view on some things; we chatted about old friends and both realized the blank spaces left by some who went ahead.

It was very nice to feel that nearness and trust, unharmed by time and geographical distance and very different lives.


14 thoughts on “Alte Säcke

  1. Thank you Cie – it really was a good time. He will have his one eye damaged and maybe recover to 50 %, but it’s not blind.

    Hah, XL! This is fun, never heared it before! I wonder who her duet partner is? Very interesting how they use their voices – congratulations to this find!

  2. Margo Lion? Sorry. I have never heared of her, XL: Have to look in some lexica.

    The inner-ocular pressure was too high for some time, Austere. This goes without payne, as he told me, but from some point onwards the possibility to see deteriorates. They fixed what had to be fixed and now its waiting for the recovery, the question is whether the optic nerve is damaged – it actually is, but to what degree is unsure now.
    Yes, a good feeling.

  3. Roses says:

    It’s good to catch up with people you’ve known from a long time ago, as I find out daily here.

    Even better to know that he will retain some vision in his eye.


  4. Leni Qinan says:

    Lieber Mago,

    Austere is surely right. My mom had eye glaucoma and I inherited it -i need to be careful and have regular eye pressure chekups-. If the pressure is too big, the optic nerve may be damaged, leading to progressive or sudden loss of vision -which i hope your friend doesnt have-.

    Nevertheless, it’s good to meet friends -but better for a Bier than at hospital-. I’m glad for you. To meet an old friend after a long time is always great.

    My best friend lives in Dallas, many miles away far away from me; but we’re in touch and meet every year. And it is like we had met just the day before. There is no distance today: tecnology helps a lot.

  5. Yes, and if I look around and count I do not need a full hand, Roses.

    I always thought it was the tock that makes the tick, MJ.

    In earlier years we had enough beer, Leni. And to my astonishment and joy I learned that he prefers wine today too.

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