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I had difficulties reading my own blog  with the old template. I still do find the font elegant, but it’s too much sand in the eyes. I have a small flat screen, a gift from a friend, so when I switched the fonts larger in the browser it was no real solution; especially because only the font itself became larger, but the white space did not grow accordingly – it even became less readable.
The solution could only be another template using another font, coming with more Durchschuss from the beginning. I can still change my header images; the comment box is smaller, but nothing else changed; the settings for commenting etc.pp. are not changed, I only switched off the horrible “I like”-facebook-button. I very strongly dislike facebook and don’t want to have it here. And besides I have no idea what this online-ostrachism is good for: Who likes this blog comes reading, who dislikes it does not read. As goes for most things on the web.

I hope the new appearance is acceptable for you, definitely more white on the screen now.


26 thoughts on “New Template

  1. Hello Dear Mago..
    Ooh…Frangipanni… one of my favourites…
    I commend you on the new layout Mago…I too do not get Facebook…What is the point?
    If I want to know what friends are doing I’ll talk to them or blog coments. no need for superficialialities…surely we are all “time poor ” enough without it

  2. Hello Dear Princess – I have to confess that I first did not get your “Frangipani”-reference! Simply out of the fact that I have absolutely no idea about flowers’ names, even less of scientific classifications. I like to look at them, I like their scent, and even manage to discern roughly one sort from another – but names … ? But Frangipani is an old Italian family (see here and (a bit strange) there). I read somewhere that they had some parfumiers in their family, but could not find additional evidence.
    The web is a terrible time consuming machine, I simply could not use other devices or programms. And by the way I am not that interesting or relevant that all and everybody needs to know what I do or that I must the world let know what I do. The other thing is that I do not like the attitude of facebook – I can not translate it and do not know the proper English phrase, in German it’s “Hoppla, jetzt komm’ ich!”; as if all and everybody would have been waiting for the selfstyled saviour or liberator. Save me from what, liberate me to do what? A bit like google – we are here and all is good.
    The header images will be changed randomly, other flowers will follow, I like to play around with the pictures. Thank you for the commendation – it seems to me that I was not the only one with difficulties reading.

    Hello Joyce, it IS better to read – sorry, we sh/could have had this earlier. I hope the enlightenment will work, even with a small wick …

    Thank you MJ. White space is great! The “Catch of the Week” needs another prey, “Cooley!” starts to smell a bit. A good excuse to trawl the web.

  3. I like this new template. Love the frangipani especially, fantastic smell in fragrance.

    Facebook for me, is great to keep in touch with friends and family abroad. I’m exceptionally nosey and like to see peoples’ day to day activities, especially as they wouldn’t normally put that kind of information in an e-mail. It’s not for everybody, but it works for me.

  4. I think it’s “Wachsblume” in German, Roses: Heavy sweet erotic scent; they drip with Honigseim what tastes very sweet too.
    I think that is what makes facebook work – the easyness: An email you need to address, you write it to someone, to one certain person; one’s blog entry is basically aimed at the whole of the web, but sooner or later you know who will read, or at least can assume; at twitter and facebook it is meant to reach anybody, the way the “message” works, the way people connect, it’s all much easier and meant to be easier.
    If I had family on another continent and a close cohesion or solidarity with them, facebook would be simply the best means for the job, no question about it. All things I do not have.
    And there is something I can not put my finger on, I can not name because I can not define it, that prevents me from joining this “service”. Call it paranoia of a German European historian …

    That is good, Eryl Shields: Fresh, clean, easy to read. Thank you, exactly what I wanted.

  5. Lieber Mago,

    Your new template looks very lovely and it was a great surprise -Franginpannis included; Plumeria, in Spanish (though I’ve never heard this name before in my whole life, which shouldn’t surprise you, as I am a creature in the concrete aufgewachsen -so to my disgrace I haven’t seen many flowers-).

    Just a little sugestion? Is there a widget to subscribe to new posts? (I’m leaving to the beach tomorrow for 3 weeks and will have 3G internet access -limited, but a USB modem is my only chance unless I squat some unprotected network-, but even tho, I won’t fail to visit your lovely site!).

    Ich liebe deine neue Website!

  6. I wrote an email to you, Leni – I simply do not know how to perform what in this respect. Next I have to deal with is rss – I guess that is what you refer to?

    Never thought about you as a creature aufgewachsen in concrete – but always as a nature’s child!


  7. I resusted FB for ages. I now have an account and use it occaisionally. When I vanished from blogging for a while cos I was busy, I did quickly leave a one liner on fb so people knew what I was up to. I guess it can just be quicker to communicate on.

  8. The blog looks great. I too liked the flowers which the ladies have mentioned earlier, although I did not recognise them as frangipani. But as you say, we come by to read your interesting posts. I missed your previous post on ther song and will have to come back to it when I have more time to enjoy it.

  9. Good to hear that you like it, LGS, thank you.
    Hello, Chandrika Shubham – I’m blushing all over!
    I see that you changed your blog, Amanda, es ist heller.
    Thank you Austere!

    I am sorry, mes dames et mon sieurs, I feel not good, catched something of a bug. I am tired and my head hurts – and exactly now the wheather is better and one should go out, but I go to bed. Sometimes tomorrow there will be music.

  10. *places a hot rum toddy next to mago’s bed*

    Honey, you do have close, loving family abroad…me and I’m not the only one.


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