Too Early Too Far

Yesterday found me better and I thought it to be a good idea today to go to the library, the copy shop, post, bank and bakery. From the last I luckily got a lift home, a splendid idea. And no it’s absolutely not necessary to comment along the lines “Ill superheroes should stay in bed” or something like that, thank you.
I’ll crawl back into my cave and hide under the blanket



13 thoughts on “Too Early Too Far

  1. Leni Qinan says:

    I don’t know about superheroes, but maybe SuperMagos need to hide in their snailhouses under their warm blankets from time to time. I won’t make superjokes, promised. But I’ll sit and wait at your door until you feel better.

  2. Good to see you Mrs. Boxer! Tomorrow I will look at your movie clip. (Boxer)

    No Berliner, XL, but one Mandelhörnchen. (Recipe here) I have no idea how they are called in English. They can have exstatic effects, especially freshly prepared. But I have to admit that something made from Marzipan can not be bad, I may be a bit biased … Excuse me now, need to go to bed and dream about Marzipan und Lebkuchen, Kuchenhäuschen

  3. xl says:

    I put the recipe through Google translator since there were too many unknown words for me.
    “Marzipan und Lebkuchen, Kuchenhäuschen” translated as “The squirrels are so rich.” HA!

  4. If they munch their way through die Lebkuchenstadt they are fat squirrels, XL, dropping from the trees and becoming a puplic safety threat. Hence the early adoption of hart hats in Germany – granted, the Pickelhaube was a wrong development, but we corrected that! The Hörnchen are easy and fast, I’ll look at it tomorrow.

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