17th of August 1959

It is no special day (Ger., Eng.) in common history. GRIMMELSHAUSEN (Ger., Eng.) died 1676, FRIEDRICH II. (Ger., Eng.) 1786, and 44-year-old Bridget DRISCOLL was run over by a car 1896 in London, the first victim of a car accident (Ger., Eng.), some millions to follow.

51 years ago – as the alert reader of the Wikipedia already knows – one of the most influential jazz albums was published: Miles DAVIES’ masterpiece Kind of Blue (Ger., Eng.). Accidentially I listened to So What just some days earlier.  The number is with more than 8 minutes a bit longer than what I bring usually – it’s worth every second.  I hope you enjoy it.




10 thoughts on “17th of August 1959

  1. Mr. Davies is a colourful personality, even called difficult by some. I am glad to have made you acquaintance of him, Eryl Shields.

    You must name the bummers too, XL.

    So I hope you have had a good night, Joyce.

    A mystical place, chez Mistress MJ … the vanishing point for phantasies around the world.

    Yes, dear Princess, she was the first victim of reckless driving and, as I read, the driver had altered the car. It’s astounding that we sacrifice(d) yearly the number of a middle town’s inhabitants on the altar of personal mobility – but the numbers became better, significantly: 2009 4.152 people died, 1985 4.500, while 1980 the number was still in the tenthousands: 13.041. The absolute record must have been 1970 with more than 19.000 deaths on the streets of Germany (source). A rough estimate of the numbers in the cited tabellarium comes to 130.000, and you see how many years are missing. Astounding.

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