People in Nutshells

As most people I would like to travel. In fact it is one of my favourite phantasies (what A.SCHMIDT (Eng.) called Gedankenspiel ) and I have a list (what else?) of places and things I would like to see. Especially cities in Europe I would like to visit and spent some time there, see art in galleries and museums – I would very much like to see BOSCH’s pictures, what means to travel to Madrid and Lisbon (list here); there are some buildings I would like to see, GAUDI‘s stunning creations for example what means going to Barcelona, the modern architecture of Paris and London, Jugendstil in Budapest, trulli in Apulia …
I would prefer not to drive by myself. I do not enjoy driving on the Autobahn anymore, I find it pretty exhausting and sometimes simply dangerous. Driving is work and a real profession. Flying is no option. So the railway would be first choice. It has not always to end this way. As teenager I read  GEO magazine and I remember how fascinated I was by a reportage about two people who travelled around the world by bicycle.  Historical travelers didn’t make a lot of fuss and simply walked, as the highly venerated  J. G. SEUME (Ger., Eng.) did, he wrote about his Spaziergang nach Syrakus im Jahre 1802 (read here). It would be tempting to grab a Rucksack and follow SEUME’s traces. I guess someone already did it.
Other people travel to re-enact something or show that something was possible – of course Thor HEYERDAHL’s (Ger., Eng.) expeditions spring into mind – Ra (I and II) and Tigris the reed boats, and Kon-Tiki are still part of the cultural memory. In this category of experimental travel the Borobudur Ship Expedition of 2003/04 belongs.  Others dare such adventurous trips to raise awareness, as did ROTHSCHILD with his plastiki, who wanted to put the Great Garbage Patches into public consciousness: I hope his action helped and we all will use less of this material.
I myself will not enter a boat. A ship yes, but not a boat. There is always the possibility to travel as passenger on a vessel, a cargo ship, and QE II.. The sailors today become even younger, and as admirable as yachts are, especially the wooden historical ones, they are nutshells. Saied with all due respect to Roz SAVAGE, who rows in a nutshell over the world’s oceans.
Other people have no problem to lift nutshells in the air and fly around the world: This is exactly what Norman SURPLUS does with his gyrocopter – a vehicle that does not even has wings. I have no idea where he is actually, the geo-spotting thingy on his website wants to sell itself to me. Norman survived a serious cancer attack and raises money for a research fund on this terrible disease.

Manon OSSEVOORT started her voyage to the South Pole some years ago and she already came to Cape Town in 2008. I hope she will reach the Pole. But it is very unlikely. The magic of travelling may be lying in this.


17 thoughts on “People in Nutshells

  1. Oh to travel!!!! I have reached an age that limits my travel. No more disappearing for a week in a car. Train travel is interesting. Flying is okay .
    The canals in Venice, the shops in Hong Kong, are an unfulfilled dream.
    There is so much beauty in the world so I travel thru the TV.

  2. Venice is incredibile, but in the main travel time so filled with people that one can not move: The alleyways are narrow, now and then there is a place, but its all cramped with humans. A good time to go there is early autumn, if you don’t mind wet feed – but as you know: There is no bad weather, only impractical clothing. The Adria can be a bit unruly, so outside the canale grande things can become shaky. And it can become prtty cold.
    With HongKong I connect pearls, but I have no idea why. Really.

  3. I am a nothing who has never traveled and never accomplished a thing in my miserable life. When I was young I thought I would do such fine things and go so many places. I guess my position in life is to make others feel better about themselves when they say to themselves, “well, at least I’m not that pathetic waste of skin.”

  4. It sounds like the title of a historical novel of “illuminati”-kind, XL : “HIeronymus felt pretty sick this morning, the night at the tavern took it’s toll …” A post-punk-medieval crude for connaisseurs.

    Ah, Cie – I did not visit one of these places (except Venezia), the true adventures are in one’s head. Always. And you can be well aware that you accomplished to rear your son, manage a difficult night job and additional classes.

    If I win the lottery, LGS !

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