Call it Sunday Music

In a way we ALL are left behind.
Those who lived on this earth before us – how many millions? – they all went one step further. And we are to follow into the unknown land.

Since I started to follow blogs, many of the good people who allowed me to peep into their lives and who in turn looked in mine, had to deal with death. They, like myself,  tried to express, to cope with or overcome their loss, the sadness, the payne. We lost life partners, parents, close family members, friends, and – worst of all – the own child. It’s simply not right, when a mother has to bury her child. The Universe seemingly works and functions in cycles, and here a cycle is broken.

The last days again saw  two – dare I say, friends, loose humans close to them, members of their family. Again cancer. If you have read here for a while you know, that I lost friends to that damned thing over the years, members of my family earlier.

Where shall this post lead to? It is no sermon, I have not much to offer. I do not like tearful sentiment or Larmoyanz. It damn hurts and crying is our human way to express our payne. What stays behind are memories, good AND bad, but thankfully our brain has the ability to forget.

In the end, what stays with us, with all humans, is love. The love we gave, the love we received.
The only thing that makes being a human bearable.

This song is about love.



And if you want to hear words of wisdom, just go to Savannah‘s and listen to Abbey Lincoln.

13 thoughts on “Call it Sunday Music

  1. sweet friend! we all share so much, even though we’re so far apart. thank you for everything you’ve shared with me and allowed me to share with you. you have my heart, M. xoxoxoxo

  2. What a beautifuly heart felt post…
    Thankyou Mago…
    Unfortunately Death is the only certainty we have in a life of being human…
    Love your choice of music and sentiment…

  3. Cancer takes people we love away from us. It takes friends also. It takes young and old. But it can’t take our memories. When we are born we start to die. But if we believe it helps ease the pain because we will see them again. As I get older I lose more people, the last funeral was last month. When I die there will be no funeral but a going away party.

  4. Thank you all, my ladies, for the nod of assent. No need to worry, XL, basically I am alright, my health becomes better. I am only worried about the future. I still have not heared about a job I applied for, “my” job. But I should not focus too much on this.
    Merci, MJ, à toi!

  5. All is well. Only the net access police at work and till a day ago, a non functional home computer. It felt dear that you checked.

    Yes, loss has to be borne, there is no other balm. Time, and waiting.

  6. Mein Lieber,
    Your post brought tears to my eyes. There is no bigger pain than the one we feel when losing a loved one. Worst of all when it’s a kid, a young life.
    I lived 3 years in France when i was little and i still remember my dad singing to me ‘Les feuilles mortes’ as a lullaby. It doesn’t make me sleep now, but it has a soothing effect.

    PS.- Arbeit: allow some time until september. Many people are still out; unis still closed; potential customers probably still enjoying their vacation at a sunny beach. Hold on and don’t give up, dear.

  7. Good to hear that “nothing happened”, Austere! :)
    Too true, Soren. Your bags are packed now? I can’t help, but I think it’s about time for you to come back.
    I hope I stirred good memories, Leni. This job should start in October, I need to hear something now, because it’s another town too. Otherwise …

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