“Which way to Oktoberfest?” Eroswings asked in his comment to the last post. His question made me think about other Oktoberfeste, I already had mentioned some here, but answering Proxima‘s question in the post of 2008 the emphasis lay more on the function and history of the Wies’n.
The International Beer Day (IBD) is almost one month over (5th of August) and start of the big gulp in Munich is still ten days away (18th of September), but there are some other festivities that explicitly refer to the Munich original. The largest are the Oktoberfest in Blumenau (Brazil), the fete in the Canadian city of Kitchener (mentioned previous by LGS. Attention: Sound attack!) and the two events in the US in Cincinnati and Denver (Achtung: Even more sound attack! See here too). At the Marco Polo hotel in HongKong a Oktoberfest is held with music by a band from Ulm, also one in Saigon, Vietnam, here the music is provided by the Trenkwalder (massif sound ambush!). I wonder that South Africa is nowhere on the list, they had an Oktoberfest but the last one was held 2008.
Besides these Oktoberfeste exist lots of beer festivals all over the world, here’s a database for events near you. And if you like, tell the world how the brew tasted here.
I follow Nessa‘s advice and drink responsibly, alone at home.


12 thoughts on “Gulp!

  1. Leni Qinan says:

    Mago, I’ve only been at the Madrid’s Goethe Institute Biergarten, but one day I’ll be at the genuine -the one and only- Oktoberfest to have myself a jar of Deutsche Bier and have a lot of fun.

    Precisely yesterday, a good friend of mine who will be touring Germany in October, told me about the Höfbrauhaus of München. You should post about it, what an amazing place!

  2. It was from the beginning meant and used as a political tool of identification and gave the blueprint for other festivities of this kind (Volksfeste) throughout the 19th century, Nessa. Besides the Wies’n exist other Volksfeste with own traditions, sometimes notably older: The Cannstatter Vasen, the Hamburger Dom here‘s a list (look under “Volksfeste in Zahlen”), here’s a wikiarticle.

    “In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus …”, Leni. Good luck for your friend. 🙂 I would prefer the Goethe-Biergarten in sunny Madrid!

  3. Go here and have a look. The charts give the annual liter per head beer gulp, first of the year 2006, second graph for the year 2008: Germany is 14 or 15 liters ahead. This is what I found for Europe as a whole. This gives global data. Sorry, that’s what I could find.
    Seemingly the UK drinks less in general than Germany, who holds a strong thrid place. Cheers!

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