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German politicos

“It is not the creed nor the nationality – it’s the man himself.”
Celtic Glasgow

The following deals with German politics, so the links lead mostly to German sources.

Normally I do not write about politics here – first, because politics is a dirty game and the staff is mostly mediocre at best, and second, because I do not believe that the actions of German politicos are of any interest for people who read here.
But the events of the last weeks first made me very angry and second made me think, and look around – and I do not like what I see.

Punctual to the annual Sommerloch – that is silly season when all is shut down, everybody is on vacation and there is nothing to report in the news – a certain Herr SARRAZIN (Ger., Eng.) announced that he had written a book. (Rezension here). It was all very well orchestrated and he got maximum attention. S. was senator of finance in Berlin and when it was the turn of this federal state they shoveled him into the board of the Bundesbank. As senator S. very much liked to pose as provocateur, as “the critical voice”, as “the man who speaks the truth”.  So in 2008 he calculated that these lazy bastards living from public money can have a healthy diet from the threehundredodd Euro they have a month to spent, and if it’s cold and you can not afford to heat, put on a coat yah wimp! Please note – this is not Old Knudsen speaking, it’s the senator of finance of Berlin (Germany). Earning a whopping 11.500 Euro a month.
So when the Oberbürgermeister finally had enough they made him member of the board at the Bundesbank and expected him to act like a respected member of said institution, that is mostly discreet, prudent.
But Thilo felt fear about Germany and found the culprits: Stupid immigrants. He blabbed about intelligence and heredity, about rates of birth and made clear that Germany’s days as christian bourgeoise society are numbered: The Islam will take over. He staged himself as deep thinking intellectual using scientific material and results, putting them together in a logical way and coming to alarming results that need to be spoken out against this ruling weak minded idealistic Gutmenschentum, that refuses to even name the problems.
The scientists whose materials he plundered turned in anger: Frau STERN made clear that Thilo did not understand the concept of “Intelligenz” and I think the boys from the Bundesamt für Statistik had a bad smirk on their faces when they showed how Thilo used their numbers – basically he simply choose a point where the graphic showing the birthrate of immigrants pointed up and the one of non-immigrant Germans pointed down – and prolonged that in time, coming to the alarming news that the stupid Islamic immigrants will outnumber the intelligent Christian Germans in – I do not care when, in 120 years? Really fine it became when he discovered the “Jewish gene”. I think that this is  Himmler’s wet dream, and again we have Rasse as category – with a big “R” and SS in the middle.
The Thilo show rolled for some weeks. Yesterday he put in a letter asking to be allowed to resign from the Bundesbank board. I do not know how they finally made him leave, and I do not care. He will tour the country now and sit and read from his pamphlet and enough idiots will hail the outspoken hero.

Frau STEINBACH (Ger., Eng.) is still (not much longer) a member of the CDU leading circle and president of the BdV (Ger., Eng.). The CDU is the gouvernement party today. For years there’s a German-Polish project in the making, the Stiftung “Flucht, Vertreibung, Versöhnung”. Steinbach wanted to take part in this organization, but the Poles and others said “NO!”. She backes now two blokes from South Germany who nobody has ever heard about, until lately when these blokes came up with their version of the beginning of WWII. Having heard it, the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland cancelled it’s involvement with said project and wrote a letter to the secretary of cultural affaires, Herr NEUMANN (Ger., Eng.). In this week the leading circle of the CDU came together and things were discussed. Frau S. said that the German mobilization of August 1939 was only “the second step” [sic!] into the war, a reaction on the Polish mobilization of spring 1939.
Took me a moment to think about.
So the Führer was right: From 05:45 we shoot back.
This is incredible. From the goddam wars we had in Europe over the last 150 years, the beginning of the Second World War is not disputable. What we face here is not “just another opinion” – it is a bloody lie and falsehood aimed to exculpate the convicted criminals!

Sarrazin and Steinbach are symptoms. Both are  members of the leading bourgeoise parties here, SPD (yes, Sarrazin is a member of the SPD!) and CDU. Something ugly arrived in the center of this society, or woke up, not only in Germany, but in Europe as a whole. It’s seemingly all right to argue about vererbte Intelligenz and use islamophobic and rassistic arguments; it is seemingly all right to forge and lie about history. In Hungary the nationalists sit in the parliament and march the streets of Budapest in their nice black uniforms, the “first Hungarian Nationalsozialist” is venerated again. For some years now in Romania streets are again named after the beloved leader Antonescu (Ger., Eng.) – how many did he  kill? Anyway, the French deport them gypsies back to Romania – European citizens! – one or another of them old camps will surely still work. Austria is more or less openly xenophobic and in Italy the fascists strengthen their organisation and use football as vehicle for their propaganda.
What I see are mediocre uneducated politicos, without any idea about history and historical thinking. The adorable Hildegard HAMM-BRÜCHER (Ger., Eng.) is right, when she says in this interview, many politicians are anti role models.


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  1. Leah says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, mago. I had no idea. It’s important for me to know these things, and frankly my sheer laziness keeps me from doing so. You did an excellent job of explaining and thank you also for the links…

  2. In a way it’s the long term fall-out of 1989, XL. On the balcans unsolved problems of the 1920s and 1930s were simply neglected and silenced after 1945 – it exploded in Yugoslawia and the wars there. These societies never really dealt with what had happened and who did what. On the other hand we see in the Western societies of Europe a certain fascist chic arising. And a man like Sarkozy, in love with power, who has enough interior problems, has no scrupules to play this card and lets people get deported: Knowingly against the law. So much for Egalité.
    Berlusconi in Italy is ready to kiss the devil’s ass if he can stay in power, in the Italian governement Fini and friends are playing a major part – a movement that is more or less fascist oriented. The fabulous Herr Haider of Austria was a more or less open fascist, he was Landeshauptmann, what equals the German Ministerpräsident, chief of one of these silly Länder. All this could be summarized under the etiquette “National-konservativ”. In Germany this means the rightwing of the CDU and CSU, they at least pretent to be democrats. But none of these people came up with such crude theories as the member of the SPD Sarrazin, who openly called immigrants stupid: What an incredible insult to the men and women who were called into this cuntry to work in the 1960s and 1970s, the first generation of immigrants. And their descendants. What an incredible insult to one of the religions of the world – what an incredible nonsens to equal immigration with religion with culture with stupidity – and he produced himself as “the intellectual” in the Western European tradition of this word, with the “J’accuse” gesture – ach Emile is dead, a happy man …
    The BdV was from the beginning a reactionary organisation, it’s 60 years old now. The CDU member Steinbach simply makes me speechless. You know I worked with people who called themselves fascists and none of these types ever came up with such a nonsense. I watch the revisionistic writers of history, and some of them are intelligent people and it is a good excercise to discuss with them or to read their papers. But seriously nobody ever came up with such a crap. I can only hope that Neumann and others minimize the damage. It IS already done.

    Ach Leah, keep apart my subjective explanations and what these people say. It is important to watch it, and to listen very closely. Especially in these days of September.

  3. Princess says:

    Thank you Mago for your wonderful background and links on these issues. I have been following the events here Via a German news program that we get here daily on TV. But of course without the background context, detail and historical perspective which you have supplied … often leads to the events televised having little meaning for foreign viewers.
    There are very strange moves afoot in europe at the presesnt with lots of historical baggage not yet acknowlwdged or dealt with and generations that have forgotten the past let alone what happened yesterday…
    Dislocation of peoples throughout the world is not a new concept but it continues to occur with government sanctions. I cite the Romany deprtations in France.They have been living in fear since before Quasimodo’s day (Well according to Disney)
    There is also a Global movement of creating Islamophobia which is fostered by the media in their ignorance in reporting sensationalisim that will make the next bulletin as a sound bite, rather than well researched reporting of fact. The book burning pastor in Florida is a good example of how media hype around 0ne ignorant individual can create a global and very disturbing response.
    If the media had not fed his biggoted flames would it have become a world wide issue?
    Our national news is very limted in it’s content…Mainly around the outcome of the recent elections, high rating cooking programs and latest sportsman indescressions. Very little about what happens elseware in the world.
    I thank you again for your informative post…

  4. I am sorry to hear about all this. It is actually something widespread and not just in Germany. Even in Malaysia, a senior politician said he was first his race and only a Malaysian second. It looks like we have not learned from our past. And that may be it. History is either not properly taught or worse being twisted and changed for the new generation and so they are tempted by these new demagogues. We all need to be vigilant and to make a stand against this tide. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

  5. Dear Princess, the halligalli surrounding this crazy pastor reminds me strongly on youtube – it’s the action of a worried mind, pumped up by media hype – a bit, how was this mtv-thing called where young men did very stupid things for their 15 minutes of fame? Jack-dings? And trumpeting about the stupidity was – and in this actual case IS – part of the whole package, belongs to the action. It’s not enough to jump in the cactus, you need to do it with as much trara as possible.
    Many media grab most of their news from the agencies, few still have own correspondents. I try to read different sources and keep the horizon wide. The German news program you mentioned, Princess, is there something available on the web?

  6. That’s tough, LGS – he puts the interest of a group higher than the interest of the whole, the state. This can lead to very serious difficulties. History is mostly teached in a very unattractive way here, and very often only repeating the same stuff again and again. And nowadays, because of the necessity to shorten public expenses, positions for history teachers are the first that are not filled again. The other thing is that the topics are seemingly not modified since 1970 or so. It’s mostly euro-centristic – having a growing part of students with a migration background it could be a good idea to shift the focus a bit, maybe towards the East and the Mediterranean. But it already was a terrible fight until the religious education was widened to Islamic studies.

    Well saied, Nessa. According to this Frau Steinbach sees good chances for a party right from the conservatives.

  7. Leni Qinan says:

    Lieber Mago,

    As a good historian, you know it and will explain it better than me: centuries ago, people were manipulated by the religion. This is how, for instance, the catholic kings ejected the jews from Spain, because they were… heretic. In reality, they had money and prosperous business, and when they were thrown out, the governing class misappropriated them.
    Religious reasons have always been great to manipulate the mass. But the times are a-changing and now you need some more elaborated story lines to do that. Racism, and nationalism -its softer version- are good.

    Monsieur Petit Napoléon -who happens to be a good apprentice of M. Le Pen- is sending his Romanians to Spain, where they will probably settle new refugee camps and be finally sent back home -our dumbass president has no idea about what to do with the 4 million unemployed, least of all with the Romanians-.

    Back to the main subject of this great (GREAT) post, Herr Sarrazin appears to be a great mass manipulator who deeply despises an important part of the population who are there to give a better life to their children. His book will surely sell good and he will have a lot of fans. The whole of Europe is full of simple minds ready to follow this ideas and smarty pants who are already implementing them -you mentioned the Sarkos, Berlusconis and the rest of the gang-.

    To my disgrace, I’ve been working -still work- with politicians for more than 10 years. I’ve known their tricks, their lies, their hypocrisy, how they manipulate people to get more votes (which is all what they want) … and its DISGUSTING.

  8. Yes, it’s true. The world has gone mad.

    Thanks for this Mago, you’re right to be angry and disturbed at this turn of events. Unfortunately, it seems racism is a trend on the rise along with the economic failure of many of these governments.

    Very, very worrying.

  9. No, Leni, it’s no disgrace – you keep your eyes open, watch how the machine works, one day you can turn around and do something different. It’s expert knowledge.

    It’s the old idea of the Scapegoat, and it works up to this day, Roses.

  10. Leni Qinan says:

    My disgrace is I have to bear them, dear Mago. I work for a public corporation very politicised -I don’t know if the words exists, but I know you understood me-.
    One person is too small to win the race against the machine. It can wear you out. They’re corrupt liars, little hypocrits… I hate them.

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