Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Saturday and Sunday were nice and sunny, cool air, clear light. Punctual for Monday rain is on the weather forecast. Time to curl up on a sofa and drift away with a little help of a Hackbrett. (Ger., Eng.) Hope you enjoy.
Have a good week.




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  1. HA! Pleased to serve! To my eternal shame I have to confess that I have no idea about the Stray Child, but I’ll go and see and listen. The lady in the video has a small channel and brings short dulcimer pieces. I like her strange videos. The instrument is used in folk music here. A wellknown solo artist is Rudi Zapf, he came out with one of the very first Hackbrett LPs ever, sometimes in the 1980s. Zapf connects different types of traditional music, so it can become Spanish-Bavarian in his concerts.

  2. Leni Qinan says:

    Spanish-Bavarian? That’s interesting. I may have to google it a bit.
    What a sweet piece of music, Mago. I often ask myself where do you find all these little gems of sound.

    It was not a nice weekend, Geburtstag included -except for your nice e-card; that was very nice and it made me smile; there’s an email for you-.
    These sweet dulcimer sounds will join me to bed and help me sleep.

    Gute Nacht, Lieber! and thanks for this sweet song.

  3. Monday morning as you hadn’t got round to Sunday muzag when I popped by.

    Love, love, love dulcimer music.

    The dulcimer played in the appalachians looks more like a lute and is traditionally plucked with a goose or turkey feather. It’s a fantastic instrument.

  4. Sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant weekend, Leni. Zapf once combined a Landler with a Spanish piece, it went very well. His Cuban escapades too. 🙂

    Roses Poor Dulcimer, hammered or plucked … When the strings are plucked with feathers it is related to the cembalo – this has a very special sound often described as “silver”. Lots of “Obertöne”.
    It is fascinating to see that through a lot of American states stretches a large coherent system of mountains North-South (from Kentucky into Canada) on thousands of square kilometers and this area only houses some twenty million people (a tenth of the population), so it is nearly empty! It would be a very nice job to explore this region.

  5. Good afternoon Mago,

    A very nice piece of music I enjoyed it. Thank you. Should you decide to take the hike prepare well, it’s not an easy journey. I’ve known several folks who made the trip, it’s something they will never forget.
    Maggie Sansone is a hammer dulcimer player local to my area, I hope you enjoy:

  6. I just found the map showing the National Trails System on this site – one could go West from Maine following the North Coutry Scienic Trail and the Lewis and Clarke Trail until the Western coast. From there turning South following the Pacific Crest Trail. Turning East and going back, be it the California National / Mormon Trail or the more Southern Old Spanish / Santa Fe trail. As long as Cattanooga is reached from where it’s only a short distance to the Southern start of the Appalachian trail. I think I will have a closer look on my school atlas again … Thank God my chair here is so comfortable!

  7. Hey – what a powerful piece of music Karl!
    I am sure it is a very satisfying journey – but I doubt that I will ever have the possibility to visit another continent. I’d be a happy man if I had the chance to travel inside Europe at least!

  8. Pleased to have it brought to your attention LGS! An indescreet question – 1962?

    Dear Mistress, whatever you wish.

    I am glad and pleased to see you back, Beast, alias dulcimer strangler …

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