Time for a new Catch of the Week – don’t know when I put up the last one … As you may have noticed the 3rd of October has passed by: It is the official Nationalfeiertag of Germany since 1990, when the former DDR joined the German federation. The former state DDR simply stopped to exist, the citizens of the former DDR became citizens of the new unified Germany, the former Eastern Germany became part of the (later) European Union.

A lot of photographs were taken in those days. And one of them photographers was Jürgen RITTER. He has an interesting website called Grenzbilder. And shows pairs of pictures “Then” and “Now”. A lot changed. If you like just poke around a bit. Hope you enjoy it.


17 thoughts on “Grenzbilder

  1. Princess says:

    Hi Mago,
    It is amazing to see the then and now photos. How things change!
    The Walls, Towers and Fences gone… or have become a non threatening part of the landscape again and “No mans land” covered with trees again.
    Thank you for posting this. I find it quite facinating…

  2. It was incredible, XL. I always expected that some shooting would start and from some moment onwards it was clear that it really was over … Yeah, the 9th of November IS a special day in German history. In October 1990 the German Democratic Republic deceided to disband and five new Bundesländer (NeBuLä) joined the federation. The possibility to have a second German state was lost definitely. What happened afterwards is not all good, it was a kind of Wild West scenario.

    Yes, Princess, the inner-German border is gone – I really hope they found all the mines the dug in over the years. It is something like a green bond nowadays, sorry I found no English page now.

    All is well, Roses.

    Wanna cave in, Blooming?

  3. My previous comment : Thanks for telling about Hecken Rosa ! I saw that plant first time on ur blog. 🙂
    This post : Site has a collection of beautiful pics. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Previos post : I will also love to ride magical carpet. 🙂
    Header pic : It is unique. Is it ice or salt?
    Take care

  4. Hello Chandrika Shubham, glad you enjoyed the Heckenrose. What we see in the header pics are stalactites: They grow from the ceiling of a cave or other rooms and consist of Kalziumkarbonat, well Kalk, chalk. Those growing from the floor are called stalacmites.

    MJ: Wasn’t “Pokin’ with the Pen” a King/Clapton production? 🙂

  5. Leni Qinan says:

    I’m sure that after the first moments of happiness the process has been real hard and expensive. Very often, there are photo Austellungen at the Goethe over here, always interesting to see. The pictures of buildings and people crossing the broken wall in Berlin are particularly good. I often ask myself what was it like to live in a divided country; what were the differences between both sides. In any case, a great country with wonderful people -those I have known, of course, except for my teacher of A.2.1 …. ach, am besten vergessen…-

  6. Amanda says:

    I used to drive around there the first years after… Trostlose Gegend. The conversations with disappointed East Germans. Stares at McDonalds for being foreign. It seems to look better now but I think the damage one cannot see will need another 3-4 generations.

  7. Sometimes, pictures are a wonderful thing that truly tell a moving story. It’s probably why I like taking pictures, capturing memories, trying to hold on to time, to hold on to those important moments.

    I remember when the Berlin wall came down; I was still in school. It was an amazing time to be alive, to see the Fall of the Iron Curtain–Poland becoming free, Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Fall of Russian Federation, the restoration of the Baltic states, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s amazing that I was alive to see the world changing; and it’s still amazing to know that I’m still here, watching the world grow and change, and sometimes, doing my part to make that change happen.

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