20 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It’s beautiful. One of my favourite pieces.

    Can I pick your brains? There’s a piece of organ music by Bach, that I’m damned if I know what it’s called, but it’s very gothic and almost spooky has been used in a few films. V dramatic. Help!

  2. Oh my, the first Gymnopédie! Satie is so sweet and bluesy! And so wonderfully played!
    I just love it!
    Have a nice week too, Mago. :)

  3. Oh Mago perfect to close my eyes and listen to. Thank you. It even helped with my headache. I have had a few busy and eventful days and I was so looking forward to checking out your music choice. Have a great week.

  4. XL mal 2 – would you tell me if I put up something you can not stand?
    Please do.
    ” … und Zwirn” – you are referring to my use of inappropriate words at Princess’ blog?

  5. Oh, mais oui! If you play Rap or Country & Western, I will not like that!

    I wouldn’t say inappropriate. I do not understand the meaning of zwirn in the context of the other words.

  6. I had a busy weekend too, Joyce. It was all very nice, friendly and funny, but I admit that I am glad to be home again. Satie’s music feels very soothing sometimes.

  7. Interesting question, XL! The German “Standardfluch” is “Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn!” There exist variants of course. I must look for the Zwirns origin. I read somewhere that it would date from the taylors, who sat “im Schneidersitz” – what lead to an aching back – and whose yarn often ripped, the “Himmel” being in this combination a word serving as enrichment or as the first exclamation on what the other two words were conncected forming the phrase. I am not sure. There exist different “Schimpfwörterlexica” and “Wortgeschichten”.
    It could be a reference – but I do not know whether I stretch it too far – to “stitching up something”: “Verflucht und zugenäht”, “Damned and sewn up” refers to a superstitious practice of medieval and early modern times when “something bad” was banned (gebannt, hold at bay seems to be the fitting translation) and put into something like a tree, a bottle etc. that had to be closed / locked carefully – and of course it could be banned into a sack or something textile that was sewn up.
    Another possibility is that it is used as a homonymous replacement. The exclamation “Sakrament” f.e. as a curse was not well received and so the “Sack Zement” became popular. But I can not say now what the Zwirn could replace.
    I will have a look!

  8. *Channeling Knudsen* Hmmbmbl … bit more to the right Roses

    Aha, MJ … Absinth, velvet and Empfindsamkeit? Or existenzialistischer Rollkragenpullover (black), cigars and Jazz? All very Dandy. And XL rises an other interesting question …

    And sorry XL, the Zwirn is not yet sorted … there’s less material and second literature than I thought.

    I heared, Roses, that Scarlet is about donning a leather cat suit – but I do not know what to expect. Cloth ripping was mentioned – so what?

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