The positive thing about my fruitless applications is that the letters of refusal come very late – it indicates that I at least make it into the second group or on the second shortlist. The letters are nice and signed by hand, by real human beings: No print, no stamp. Cool.
I seriously doubt that I’ll make it back into an institute, be it teaching or researching, at a university archive library or somewhere else in the scientific field. Now somewhere ’round here must be a company that has a desk with my name on it. I do not care what they produce or sell, whoever owns them or if the stocks have junk status. I want a job, and I want it now.
Tomorrow morning I’ll visit a small and local conference, the museum-people will gather. It will be nice to meet some colleagues, one or another lecture even deals with an interesting topic, and maybe a small research job will come out of it? I already can hear the whine about the budgetary situation …


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  1. There are institutions out there who are not seizing the opportunity to employ you? The world has gone mad.

    I do hope you enjoy the conference tomorrow, even if a job doesn’t arise immediately keeping your face visible can’t hurt. All the jobs I’ve ever had I got because I was known, and, I can tell you, I’ve not always been a good choice!

  2. Oh Scarlet, let a light shine on me

    I don’t know, XL. The Franconians are very proud of their LOCAL DumbassIndustries, so the South Sanwichian competitors will have no chance here I fear.

    Cheers, Savannah, some Bacchus for you? Thank you for the nod, another lady says its okay – hey!

    Thank you, Joyce. Today’s called networking, once it was scratching backs together …

    My words, Eryl Shields, mad I say, bonkers! There’s surely no job jumping on me tomorrow, it’s only as you say about being visible. I am sure you are always the best choice, magistra!

  3. prudence says:

    Hello Mago! Very nice look over here. I was so disappointed to hear that you couldn’t see the video but very happy that you responded!! It was 200 or more dancing to s remix of DO RE MI in central station antwerp. A unique kind of energy. I thought. Anyway, it was very good to hear from you and I’m happy to tell you we’re all doing well here. I think of blogging frequently, but can’t balance it write now in a numbr of ways… I actually blogged all about it right here a moment ago, but take it all back and leave it at that:) I am still in school, it has become my outlet, if that makes sense. My boys are doing good; they are growing into two completely different people from anyone I’ve ever known, it’s very strange/cool. I hope the conference goes well and leads to some leads:) Thank you for the music, I enjoyed it..

  4. Happy Wednesday dear heart.

    I meant to say how much I like the new decor here…I was distracted by the fantastic music.

    I don’t think this is a good time to be an academic. My friends in both British and US universities are really struggling. In terms of hours, work load and money. Good luck looking for your own version of Dumbass Industries. I hope your private detectiving continues…sounds far more fun.


  5. Princess says:

    Darkly understated and moody with a flash of red. A great space for serious conversation … I like the make over Mago… I had wondered what I had done with that roll of copper wire but I see that you have put it to good use. On the Job front i fully understand wher you are at. They say that there is no such thing as Ageism… tell me that the next time I get knocked back for a job and then see the young Grad they have just employed instead. the trend seems to be to employ them “younger and dumber” over mature and experienced…
    At the least you are gettng written responses, half the time here i’m lucky if i get notified that they have even recieved my CV…
    I wish you continued good luck in the job hunt…

  6. Dear Prudence – what a joy to see a comment from you! I am very glad to hear that your boys are doing fine and that you can do the school despite all the othwer work! Regarding the videos, dear Princess has similar difficulties accessing them and others too, it’s a kind of roullette nowadays. A video is nice, but having heared from you is definitely better: Groove on!

    Thank you Roses. If all goes well I will visit an archive tomorrow and hopefully find the family traces I was searching for in vain two weeks ago. The universities will face a heavy workload in the coming year. Some years ago the Gymnasien here switched from 9 years to 8 and because of that 2011 two classes will finish, the last 9 year long and the first 8 and the double total of students will rush to the universities. I can not see a rise in contracts now …

    Thank you, Austere, I especially like the real underwritings. 🙂

    “Networking” does mean that one has a net(work) to work on. I know a lot of people here and now and than I sent a mail or one sees and greats each other – I keep a bit distant.

    I am not familiar with the word ageism, dear Princess, learned something new. Thank you for the good wishes, the hunt goes on!

    Hello Lone Grey Squirrel, you describe pretty well what I try: Land something now, be it a job contract or customer asap and something I really want to do in the long run. And maybe I can have some of the golden nectar tomorrow evening!

  7. Leni Qinan says:

    No, no guys. Sorry, but you’re all wrong: the Dumbass Industries is not a place for Mago. He’s too good for it!

    Do you imagine him in a place full of old stick-in-the-muds who passed their competitive exams forty years ago and therefore think the whole company is their own damned business? Any attempt to change their inefficient system, as shitty as a thousand years in the making, is doomed to fail.

    They have massive amounts of papers, most of them useless. They still use floppy disks, supposing they’re able to use a computer. They use stuff like typewritters and liquid tipp-ex… and they do things like entering my office forty times every morning with one little paper each time, instead of seeing me once with the forty bloody things.

    I must be the youngest person there among all these fossildicks!

    So let’s push him to the conference, to be well marketed, become well known, seen and admired.

    Listen to what MJ says: A bit of networking will surely help, Lieber Mago.

    Viel Glück!

  8. Gawd this is a cool site..very chi-chi.
    I’m sending my strongest positive vibes your way and if I had any Karma chits left I’d put them in the package too…but I seem to have cashed them all in and I can’t remeber what I got with them..DAMNIT!

  9. Mitzi says:

    I don’t like the term “human resoures” that supplanted “Personnel” which in turn replaced “employees”. At least Personnel does not have the ghastly pretentiousness and pseudo-caringness of human resources.

    All this bureauspeak… I’m off to slit my throat.

  10. Floppy disks, Leni? You mean this modern 5 inch thingies? They’ll go nowhere, 8 inches is the good one … Seriously, we had floppy-disks of different sizes, typewriters with various founts and character sets, various machines for copying etc.pp. in the collection of an archive I worked for, showing and illustrating the bureau work space. Micro fiches belong in this departement, for the sheer need to minimalize storing space – and so on: It’s musealized nowadays. I am not at the helm of modernization, really, but even outdated Volkskundler use modern equipment. I see and guess I understand what you face, Leni: They simply did not switch, it’s always 1986. I name this year, because in winter-semester 1986 some comilitones and me were forced to use computers, from zero to hundred now, for working on texts, editing a source – the changes are beyond description, in any aspect! Technically, and – I am reserved to admit, but it is a fact – socially: The way we communicate HAS changed. It is not easier, but different. And if you run a business, especially when it is of national importance, you better go with the flow.
    The networking was nice, Leni, I will post about it soon.

    DONNN – this is your first comment on my wp-site, hey! CHi-chi- frou-frou, monbijou … it’s vibing in here! Makes a bit of a groping sound … roar … is “chi-chi” good?

    I am very sorry, Austere! I usually put one star above and one beyond, in the middle centred and formatted as heading, simply to structurize the post. If it is only white maybe it takes some time to load the video. Some Jazz and a bit of Blues with a minor guitar God called Eric. I would really like to hear what you think about this music, and generlly: What do You hear?

    It’s terrible, Mitzi, and watching what happens to the agency or daywage workers around here the term “Menschenmaterial” pops up … A term used by the German OHL (Oberste Heeres-Leitung / Supreme Military Command) in WWI, man reduced to a cost factor. Nothing new and too familiar today. Sadly not only bureauspeak, speak of the economical “elite”. That’s the rotten heart of a worldwide nonsense. We should get rid of it.

  11. There should be some sort of text displayed, Austere, and I think you should see at least something and not just a white square. I do not believe that these videos are not available in India, I think it is a technical glitch. Do other videos work on your computer? Like for example a video on a news site? This is very strange.
    On other news: An Indian actor is currently in Berlin, his name is Khan. See here. He says that many Indians will come and visit the city where the actual film is shot. 🙂

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