Sunday Music

Tino ROSSI (Ger., Eng.) is a Corse from Ajaccio (Ger., Eng.). Luna Rossa is also known as “Blushing Moon” and was recorded by Frank SINATRA in an American version. There’s a hotel “Luna Rossa” owned by the daughter of Antonio VISCIONE, who together with Vincenzo deCRESCENZO wrote the song 1951 using a Neapolitan (Ger., Eng.) folk song.
(Bonus for XL at 2:46)




21 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Then its fine, Wanda. I hope you are well.

    “No reason to get excited”, XL, you did not. “Ich mag es (oder: das) nicht, es ist nicht angemessen” – not fair, suitable, appropriate. And seemingly absolutely random – I can see no system in it; there should be a factor that connects the videos, which are showing very different content from a lot of sources. Wonders of the web!

  2. Absoutely fascinating Corsican French tune! Very sweet, indeed! Great choice for tonight!

    I have paid a lot of attention to your German clarification to XL. Just started my new course with an excellent teacher and my colleagues’ level boosts the class standard to reach level B in february. Jetzt muss ich noch sehr viel lerne! 🙂

  3. Four months and one week ’til February and another test, Leni, but minus all the holydays over Christmas and New Year, das hört sich anstrengend an!: Viel Stoff, wenig Zeit!

    Impressive, Roses, my Dear!
    *hums House of the Rising Sun*

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