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“So verbringt man die meiste Zeit des Lebens – wartend.”

Mein alter Lateinlehrer


And he was right, most of the time, at least over the last three days, I spent waiting. I was waiting to get out of the house, for  bus and tram and until I was next in line. “We’ll call you.” Later I was sent to level + 3 and waited for a bed and a person to tell me things. I got something to eat what I did not expect. Later I waited for a phone to be operated and for a sleeping pill.

The next day was an orgy of waiting from early morning onwards. Finally a man showed up and told me that the wait was over and we waited for the lift, in the dressing room and where it happened. To start. And to end. Afterwards the same route back. But I was denied the sleeping pill because it must be waited for some hours afterwards – and because they slammed a sandack on parts of my body to keep the guts in. After that I got one milligram sweet sleep.

Today it was waiting for the letter, tram and bus, to see the family doc, a phone call and finally for the wine to chill.

I always was on time.





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  1. Joyce says:

    Hope the trip to the hospital gives good news. You got something to eat good for you. Sleeping pills are mostly useless unless they have improved over the years. The shot in the IV is the better sleep.
    Here we had a major storm -lots of people no power. I was out only 15 hours…no heat.

  2. Oh honey. No wonder you’re filled with angst.

    Many hugs for you my dear.

    As Boy and I joke when confronted with anything medical : hope you passed your test and all the revision is worth it! xx

  3. All is well. No need to worry, nothing that could not be kept in balance.

    A very fitting saying, XL – and I bet all do their best!

    The gruesome deed is done, Savannah, don’t worry about me. Good to see you back blogging!

    Thank you, dear Princess, all the ladies there were beautiful and highly professional. They even smiled when waking me up early in the damndarkmorning (courtesy of Savannah) …

    Hello Leah – all this knitting … 🙂 It’s all right here. Are you on a knit-a-thon?

    I never had such pills, Joyce, so it worked fine for me. The first evening I even took only a half one and it was successful. On the second day I asked for something calming around midday because it seemed to be an endless wait and I grew nervous about all. They gave me a small dose of “Fukitol” and it went well. Right before the man started to poke around I received a dosis of I do not know via the needle that was layed earlier and I only realized some hours later that I was a bit spaced out. I am sorry to hear about the power outage, do the stroms already start?

    Careful, Roses, I still wear abit of a bondage. A key was lost obviously.

    No, , I was not parked in the corridor. My bed was rolled through the house and it was a pleasure … tuut-tuuut … the man had to hit the breaks one or two times because I stuck out an arm or something.

    Right to the point, Lone Grey Squirrel: Next time I’ll start with a good beer and avoid the detours, only time consuming! Thank you!

  4. Leni Qinan says:

    Lieber Mago, was passiert? You mentioned being operated on? Or was it a test?
    Is your health ok?

    Oh Hai Princess, and all. I’m not so important as Mago’s health, my friends…. and no worries. I’ll be around.

    Pass gut auf dich auch.

  5. Ethereal Highway – what a joy to see you here, I guess this is your first comment on my new blog! Thank you for coming by and for the good wishes.

    Contenance, Madame R.!

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