Sunday Music

Sunday Music

The title of the Brad MEHLDAU (Ger., Eng.) trio fits:  There’s no moon tonight. Time for a little jazz. Hope you enjoy your Sunday.




10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Always Cool, Calm and Collected, Wanda!

    Yes, Joyce, and following Mr. Mehldau and his drummer having fun …

    Glad to serve, Mistress!

    Nichts zu danken, Roses – why must I always think of a fluffy pink dressing gown on Sunday morning?

  2. Leni Qinan says:

    Wonderful music, Mago. Calm, a bit blue, perfect for a cold and rainy night outside when it rains inside too.

    PS.- I like your new winter décor.

  3. I took this photograph some years ago here in the woods. Yesterday and today were bright, dry and surprisingly warm – people this evening sat outside in cafees, mid-November! But tomorrow and the coming days will be cold, grey and wet, and we will have fog Wednesday latest. I hope the inner rain will dissipate, dear Leni

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