The Big Böööh

Big Böööh comes ’round. Especially at Monday evenings. When it rains. And is cold. And not too much works. For example today’s trip had to be cancelled and is remitted to next week. Letters of applications are not answered. The dull greyness of these short days annoys me. Time to grab a book …


23 thoughts on “The Big Böööh

  1. Joyce says:

    Sorry your trip canceled. Gray dreary and cold does little to cheer. But this am I had a surprise coffee and cake party at my house. I had two visitors and a cake in my fridge.
    For an hour or so we enjoyed friendship.
    Please get a light reading book to enjoy with lots of pictures so you can read and not have to concentrate on the word. You deserve it.
    This was a good Monday for a change.

  2. He always came back, Boxer. I mean, there were some serious episodes, and I know for sure that without Annabel things would have taken another turn. I have no idea what actually happened, but I guess the cold turkey was a bit overwhelming. I think – after all – that Andrew has a good idea about himself, he must trust himself: He is an intelligent man and he learns, in a way he learns to know himself again and again. And he inhabits the wonderful world of psychopharmaka for a long time.
    I know fear, it can kill one – and being stalked is no good for a mentally stable person, less for a mentally instable man, that’s why I reacted harsh on some comments – and Andrew is still exploring these fields of fear. He had a working solution for a long time, but something crashed. I am sure he’s re-building.
    A heart-break – maybe. But he’s tough too.

    Ha, this sounds good Joyce, I am glad to hear that you had a good start into the week!

  3. Joyce says:

    Hope today was better. I didn’t venture out today because of the cold but tomorrow I have to get going cold or not. This will feel warm in a month or so.

  4. My lovey, go right now and find a nice chair to cuddle up in, pour yourself something warm and link to ‘Voodoo Chile’ from the Electric Ladyland album by Jimi Hendrix. You go do that right now. That song can raise the dead and make the blind see, my darling. FirstNations KNOWS these things. Go. Listen. XXOO

  5. Thank you Amanda, it’s more of a stumbling onwards Christian soldier …

    That’s too understandable when coming from the Texan baking oven, XL.

    They say the coming winter will be harsh, Joyce – good to see that your house is prepared.

    To make it shrink again, Norma Desmond? Shrink’n shriek.

    🙂 The laudanum helps too, FN.

    Good to see you Nessa, I was a bit concerned because you seemingly stopped blogging completely, at least I found no more updates, so I simply asked … I think it’s the grey that slowly kills my nerve. And the dentist tomorrow.

  6. Orders … do this do that …. grmbl ….

    Terrible. We had to discuss politics, health and live in general, Roses. Afterwards a young blond woman used some instrument tickling my gingiva and I giggled like a girly. I confused here a bit whith my remark that it was a pleasure to have been tickled by her in such a pleasant manner when I left.

  7. Princess says:

    Trips to the dentist are not always bad… see… a nice yourng girl giving you a tickle…
    Makes up for the Grey Monday …No?
    Feeling much better this end. the flu has almost flown…. thank you for your concern friend… Now stay warm…

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