Just returning from a walk, in need for a hot bathtub. It’s cold in Franconia.


The broken bough


Saturday afternoon


Charts everywhere ...



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  1. *Knocking gently on door of bathroom*

    Hi Mago,
    Sorry to interupt your bath but I just had to tell you that your photos are lovely. I don’t often see snow here (hardly ever unless I drive up to the hills) It always facinates me as to how it just sits there on the trees…
    Is it your first for the season?
    I’ll let you get back to enjoying your bath now… Stay warm my friend…

  2. Here, I brought you both Irish Coffees.

    *hands over the hot drinks, peels off pink, fluffy dressing gown and gets into the tub with Mago and Ms Scarlet*

    Wow. Lots of bubbles. Badedas?

  3. Come in, dear Princess – it is the first snow of the year around here.

    Ther’s always room for a scribe, Scarlet.

    Welcome, Roses … I fear it’s the noname by Aldi, I was not expecting guests so the others are still in the cabinett … Somewhere a bottle of “Planschi” can be found, but we should not open it … sing along!

  4. *throws bubble foam ball*
    Step in, but take the boots off, XL!

    MITZI – shaking all over! There should be more in the game than only three inches …

    In search for a blonde with long hair, XL ? The blue string lay at one wineyard, I have no idea what the farmer had used it for.

    *hands Pustefix to everybody*

  5. You guys seem to be having all the fun. While I’m stuck in the house because of the snow and ice on my porch. Enjoy! Your pictures were great-snow covers are beautiful as long as there isn’t the ice.

  6. I sneaked out and had a play of cards, I lost terribly. But I guess you all could help yerself … hope your fluffy pink dressing gown is dry ’til tomorrow, Roses.

    A cold bath is never nice, Wanda. Tonight it is freezing around here. I wonder whether they will have some ice wine harvested. But I doubt, not this year.

    A slpishin’ and a slpashin’ … Joyce. As I saied to Wanda, the ice starts to come now, the forecast says below zero C for the coming days and snow from Monday onwards. I know that you do not like to have to stay in. Maybe a neighbour can help with the driveway.

  7. I took these pictures on Saturday, this following Thursday it is all covered in snow, the temperature settled in at 10 below 0 Celsius and will remain there. We are not used to this too, normally we face two or three days with snow and ice in late December and another week or so in January, it’s the mild and warm part of Franconia not the rough and mountanious.
    Thank you for your comment here, Ethereal Highway.

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