Sunday Music, early

It’s in the middle of the night … not on Heidelberg Street, on the East Side of Detroit … but John SINCLAIR can take us there.




8 thoughts on “Sunday Music, early

  1. That and the surrounding neighborhoods are a very sad part of Detroit. Abandoned homes and businesses, some burned out. Never recovered from the poverty, riots, and subsequent economic hard times.

  2. Detroit isn’t the only city that has that blight. What’s sad is remembering when the neighborhood was a living thing with families living a good life.

  3. I saw pictures of Detroit some months ago, XL, that reminded me of the GDR of 25 years ago.

    It’s kind of “history fast forward”, Joyce, within 100 years, four generations: From the first work plants and big industry, progress and prosperity, a long decline – and the former living areas become empty again. An episode. This once was a city.

    Blues will follow soon, Roses.

    Hello Eryl Shields … ah the bird, tasted a bit burned, sorry.

  4. Talking about birds… this weekend i watched Clint Eastwood’s film about Charlie Parker! I come from your Sunday Music/Late edition and I found this jazz recited song by John Sinclair is nice and interesting.
    Thanks for this Sunday Music-double edition! I really liked it!

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