Oh, it can’t be true. It’s so early in the damndarkmorning*, the street lamps in the side streets are off, no cars, all quiet. I need another coffee. In less than an hour I will catch the bus to the station and join a group on a field trip to Nürnberg.  It’s the second meeting within the framework of a citizens workshop dealing with the historical memory of this nice town (“Workshop Erinnerungskultur”). The first event took place some weeks ago, I could not join because I came home from hospital just the day before. The first meeting included excursions in this city regarding various topics concerning “memory”, “memorial” etc. on public places, in public space. Now let’s look what the neighbour does, Nürnberg – Stadt der Reichsparteitage, and how they deal with their history.


*Thank you for this word, Savannah.

13 thoughts on “DDM

  1. it will be interesting to read about the outcome of your trip, sugar. you’ve given me something to think about in relation to my own country and our historic memory. xoxoxoxoxo

    (it is a good descriptive word of both time and emotional response, isn’t it?)

  2. Enjoy your trip. Remember its a backward day-12-11-10. We are at the start of a foot or more of snow and drop in temperature in a day or so. It is snowing now and may keep it up until tomorrow sometime. It is official hermit time for me.

  3. Thank you, Herr XL.

    DDEs, Mitzi? A fine gal like you should not be alone!

    Sadly there was no time and opportunity to visit the old centre, Amanda. It’s very nice to find you commenting here again.

    You built a snowman, MJ?

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