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“Most overrated movie”, Milkriver Madman saied. Well there are some. Of course it is difficult – how would one define “overrated”? No fear, I will not deliver a philosophical diatribe on this. But the most overrated movie dealing with “philosophical” subjects – or The subject at all: Who are we? Why are we here? (Kant’s questions, Ger.) – is The Matrix (Ger., Eng.) – a philosophical pro-seminar gone wrong starring a piece of wood called REEVES. Worse are  the sequels.
The acting “ability” of Mr. REEVES is only comparable to the non-botox related facial insufficiency of the incredible Mr. FORD, Harrison that is, who managed to drag his blank staring face through the 116 minutes of boredom called Blade Runner (Ger., Eng.). I mean, Rutger HAUER is surely not the incarnation of Thespis, but even the old hitcher (Ger., Eng.) Rutger has at least TWO facial expressions in his repertoire – and after some thinking he can even find the second! FORD … Blank stare is not acting, even when the scene is oh so dramatic. Apocalypse Now (Ger., Eng.) transports some impressive images, but when SHEEN finally squishes brabbling BRANDO with his trusted machete he looks a bit like Hans ALBERS and I expected him to burst out singing something like this. ALBERS, also called as the Maharaja of Whiskeypur, was known for his stare into the endlessness – in fact he was mostly too pissed to remember his text and he was trying to read the cardboards they showed him. Somewhere. Ofer sere … the horror …
Other films that are a bit overrated in my humble opinion include Titanic (Ger., Eng.) – “stretching” is the most friendly word I find to characterize this epic voyage to the bottom of the sea, where it belongs. Oh and see, there’s Wolfgang PETERSEN ready to shoot Poseidon (Ger., Eng.), the stupid remake of a stupid “original” (Ger., Eng.), hello sailor!

Anyway. The most overrated movie I saw collected five Oscars – nominated for two more -, a Golden  Globe – nominated for at least four more – and a Silberner Bär. It’s The Silence of the Lambs (Ger., Eng.) from 1991, based on the Thomas HARRIS novels, wrung out with sequels and prequels and whatnot. Thrilling like cold tea. HOPKINS had nothing else to do but stare and grin, FOSTER had to  scream from time to time.
Yes, I am an emotionally atrophied stone with the social skills of a trash can; the fine lines of life, the distinguishing variants of mimic, sound and tone of voice and body language are unbeknownst to me, I grew up in a cave. To line up this “psychological” “horror masterpiece” with Nosferatu and Psycho is simply annoying.
Here is what HOPKINS has to say about the flic. Ah, roasted lamb with garlic.




12 thoughts on “Movie Clip Wednesday

  1. Actually, many Hollywood main stream movies are heavily promoted and thus over-rated. I agree about Mr. Reeves. My most recent disappointment was Inception – bad illogical story masquerading as high intellect and with a pretty plank faced Leonardo di Caprio.

  2. Oh, actually I like the Matrix and I like Keanu Reaves. Now, even though I like many of his movies, I have to say that pretty much everything James Cameron has ever made is overrated, particularly movies such as Avatar and Titanic. As I say, it’s a dichotomy, because I actually enjoyed these movies. But there is no movie that could live up to the amount of hype that surrounds James Cameron films.

  3. Princess says:

    Yes. Again a lot of hype with much disappointment. I think messers reeves and harrison attended the same acting school. Mr hauer was possibly their senior lecturer…

  4. I like Silence of the Lambs the first time I watched it. I liked the concept of Buffalo Bill and how Hannibal knew who the killer was and the games he was playing but after watching it a few times more, I grew weary of the “that would never happen in real life” parts. Especially the ending when Lectur says “I’m having an old friend for dinner.” Corny and stupid. That coupled with it was so out of character. Thanks for playing 63mago.

  5. Yuke-de-yuk , Joyce !

    Marlene in sailor outfit … hmhm … XL

    I thought he drowned, LGS. I have not heared about “Infection”, a public health announcement?

    Hello Karl, I wrote you an email last week, did you receive it?

    Faycin A Croud” – you mean that for all this nonsense only one man is responsible, a man called Cameron? He should be declared a public enemy.

    While Mitchum and Marvin went for a card game/drinking session with Bogart, Houston and Hammett. Took a bit longer, dear Princess.

    You know Milk River Madman I had a problem throughout the film with the suspense – or better the lack of it. It never grabbed me. I have no idea what caused this. I know that evil is. But Hopkins came not slightly in the direction of it in this fillum.

    Don’t sulk, Mistress, you’ve seen better things, like unknown parts of Franconia!

    Joanna Cake ! I am over asap.

  6. Amanda says:

    Matrix may be overrated but I watched it when I was at a very impressionable age. 😦

    The Silence of The Lambs was a good book and the film was a great adaption of it – but nothing more.

    Some actors specialize on overrated films. I’ve yet to figure out, for example, why Angelina Jolie is considered “A-list.”

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