A man who knows a bit about this is Charles Robert WATTS (Ger., Eng.). For a living he plays the drums in a little rock band, but now and then he makes and produces an album of jazz music.
Here’s what he has to say about this.



13 thoughts on “Jazz

  1. I think, all Mr. WATTS wants is to play good music, Joyce, and he keeps on trying.

    HA! You seen this – for some reason I do not understand, rim shot, cha-bunk and the red button fall in to one.

    I guess he’s still learning, Wanda.

  2. Having read Keith Richard’s autobiography “Life” I can tell you that Keef has very high praise for Charlie both as a drummer and as a man.

  3. I’ve always loved Charlie Watts, both as a musician and a human being. Mick may be the most flamboyant of the Rolling Stones, Keith is surely the biggest character, but Charlie is a true gentleman and though modest, an extraordinary performer.

  4. Sooner or later I’ll grab a copy, MJ.

    An interesting gentleman that’s for sure, Roses.

    Ay, Faycin, good to see that you like him too. Maybe the Stones are a bit soft for your tastes.

    Ah, toast Eryl Shields – tomorrow I will buy some toast and have a toast orgy: Toast with marmalade, with cheese, with ketchup, eith egg … you name it! Toast orgy!
    I think he is bloody good. And I like that he does not like drum solos.

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