A Song

I may have posted this earlier – or at least linked to it – ?  Anyway, a small lesson by Jethro Tull (Ger., Eng.).





8 thoughts on “A Song

  1. *pours Z another glass of champagne*

    Sorry, had to fish another bottle out of the fridge, Pete and I seem to have gone through that one.

    Z, given you taught me about happy hour, I suggest that I am merely your humble apprentice.

  2. Thank you very much, FAYcin a Croud – and for some years of interesting blogging too. I enjoy your comapny.

    Ahw, Roses, an angel you are. The bubbly is thankfully received. What do we have here – the widow Cliquot?

    But would she try, dear Z? No doubt, she’d respect my limits, I accept mine, gently slipping under the table …

    Happy hour – ? Like in “Have two, pay one”, Roses? By a far stretch of imagination I can not believe that Z had to introduce to this … I always nursed the suspicion that Norfolk countryside is not as innocent as it may seem.

    Hello Royce, welcome and thank you for your first comment here. May I call you “RR” – I can not deceide whether I should use Royce or Retro, so RR would be a nice solution … ? I hope you had good holidays, and all the renovations of the house were proofed as usefull and well done when the storms hit.
    “Post holiday shopping” – sorry, I had no pre-holiday shopping, and I just do not know what I should go buying now? Except for food. Maybe I can have a goose part for a better price now. Sometimes in this week I will produce a traditional “Weihnachtsessen”.

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