Sunday Music

Sunday Music

There was no Sunday Music last weekend; Mr. WATTS played some jazz on Saturday, yes … Today the second holiday is over, we face another “normal” Monday and a lovely week “between the years” (zwischen den Jahren). I hope these coming days will be easy, relaxed and carefree for all of you. I deceided that it is time to move my body, to go out and walk on a regular basis. So I’ll put my boots on, they are made for walking … and by the way it explains Finnish history.




15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Seriously XL ? They were (and possibly are still today) a major force in the Finnish Rock&Roll business! They are close connected to the Kaurismäki brothers, who made some very nice films.
    I hope the “Truthahn hat gemundet”. Thank you for the New Year wishes!

  2. Amanda says:

    As far as I’m concerned Christmas could fall on a weekend every year. The idea of walking is good.

    Long, long time fan of Aki Kaurismäki and Finland in general. (But not of their weather. )

  3. Wow. That was different.

    Loved the video though. Made me laugh.

    Here’s to a brilliant New Year! May your 2011 be filled with laughter, love and prosperity honey. xx

  4. *cough* I hope you can recover a bit, dear Tempest.

    Thank you, Ponita. My boots are made for hiking, make me 5 centimeters higher.

    It’s all true, Norma Desmond!. They emigrated to Paris. You visited Finland? Do they realy dance Tango in the streets?

    Glad that you enjoy it, Amanda.

    Thank you for your good wishes, Roses. Vive la différence!

  5. Oh, Eryl, a leaky roof in the midst of winter! Can you nail something somewhere and prevent the snow from coming in?

    I am glad that you are back, MJ, and promptly gave me the boot. Norma Desmond is a star, no matter what look she actually prefers.

    The Cowboys performed with the Red Army Choir too, Boxer. Ahh Finnish Culture, Cowboys, Screamers, Tango … it’s unbelievable and indescribable magic. Yes it is.

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