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  1. They are good! I had to laugh at the “german fence.” People do seem to be pretty obsessed with them around here. :)

    I’ve been taking pictures too, it’s just too fascinating.

  2. Hey Wanda ! A happy New Year to You – it only can get better. Take care my dear. Yes, it has a lot of snow, even more than last year. It’s sitting on all and everything; on the undulating roof (pic 2 and 3) it is blown away by the wind, where it’s undisturbed it is higher. The side streets are not cleared.

    Thank you Amanda. Will you show some pics?

  3. I’m not a fan of snow. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because in my part of the world, no one knows how to drive/etc when it happens. We do, however, know all about rain.
    I like the fence shot. Are these yours? Did you take them?

  4. No fog here, Z. There’s only a small creek (“Bach”). It’s fairly cold and stays that way. Another clear night freezing. The snow stays.

    The pictures, Boxer ? Yes, I took them this afternoon. I was going through the village, had to do some errands. The fence is not mine, I do not own such a thing. It’s a Jaegerzaun (fence as a hunter builds). Nobody knows how to drive in snow here too, but people learn, or better: remember, how it isdone. This fence can be understood as a cultural symbol, it can be seen as expression of a kind of attitude. Not necessarily one I like. But I like the picture too.

    No, XL I do not own a motorcycle. This Vespa-like machine stands in a small alley here in the neighbourhood. I have a licence for motorcycles and happily drove a DKW RT 250, her big sister, as a student. I would very much like to ride a motorcycle again. I always look at the advertisements of used ones …

    HEY! No, Amanda it’s not. Is the black structure a tree? :) Thank you.

  5. This stuff changes the light. I always thought in Scotland snowy mountains and peaks would sit at every corner, Eryl, and you have snow from November until February!

    Will you show it, Mitzi? And where are the birds now? I can’t help, my pictures always become pretty “grafisch”/graphical and boring. I always wanted to piece together a series called “Anyplace” – I am sure that somebody already has used this title maybe for something similar. But when you look at places in our streets and cities – what makes these views and prospects unique? Sometimes nothing. It’s only because you know that you are actually in Thingtown, at this place now – what you see and what is in the picture could be any place.

  6. Brrrrr… Oh thats much better thank you Dear Mago.
    It is 10 :30 am NYE and already 28 degrees C. Heading for 42 degrees! so i’m very glad of a little snow to help cool my bits…
    Happy New Year to you.
    I hope that 2011 is a better year for everyone…
    See you at Boxers, I’ll be somewhere near the Vodka Fountain..
    *Waves to Boxer , Xl and Mitzi*

  7. 28° Celsius in the morning! Caramba! A little snow package …
    You are right, dear Princess, the new year is hopefully a better one. I will slowly but steadily gravitate towards the fountain (of youth? imagination? wisdom?) in the course of time … im Mai in Matala … see you at Boxer’s

  8. Your pictures are fantastic. You’ve got a real eye for framing the shots.

    Snow. My least favourite form of weather. Apparently, we’ve got more due this weekend. Joy.

  9. I’m sorry that the link did not work, it’s fixed now, XL.
    Hey, a Scrambler! What a beauty! Ready to go everywhere … I always liked the two cylinders, like the Bonnie. Yamaha once had a classic 750 for stroke two cylinder. These machines had clearer lines than the actual models. The two strokes were always a bit smelly – and of course they never had the sound of a Honda!

    Heads up, dear Roses, it will go away too. In two or three months. Maybe. Framing – ? I am not sure what you mean. To deceide where the picture ends? I try to look at things and find them in the screen of the camera. Put them a bit aside maybe. The camera screen gives not 100 % of the image, so it’s always a bit shoot and hope. I like the camera very well, it’s a bit older nowadays and workes excellent in archives too. Slowly but steadily I worm myself into the secrets of the user menue. I once will try to do high detail shots, where different pictures are merged into one. But I doubt hat my computer can do this, it’s a pure digital manipulation.

  10. There was a lot of snow here and it’s very cold, currently 9 degrees Fahrenheit. The older I get, the more such cold temperatures hurt my muscles. Also, I have to wear a face mask when I go out because I have mild asthma as is, and the cold really messes with my lungs. The year I had pneumonia I ended up in the emergency room because of it.
    Thank you very much for the e-card.
    Also I’d like to invite you to visit the Faycin A Croud blogs. I’m doing more with them these days. I sent you an invite to the by invitation only one.

  11. Das wünsche ich Dir auch, XL ! Herzlichen Dank!

    Happy New Year, dear Scarlet !

    Canada is nice. I like it. Bonne année cherie MJ !

    I always liked – and still like – the cold, as long as I have good clothes. I am looking for the invite. I wish you a Good New Year, Blooming Psycho. I hope your mother will stay strong and healthy for the time coming.

  12. EROS! For a reason unknown to me your comment was put by the automatic filter in the box – I saw this just now and freed it – I am very sorry.
    Thank you for the good wishes: All the best shall return to you! I want to photograph a bit more, maybe I’ll put up more of them pics. Have a good year, crazy Texan!

  13. Happy New Year Dear Mago…
    I guess that I missed you over at Boxers… I blame the time Zones!
    I wish you good Health and Happiness for 2011…

  14. Happy New Year darling.

    Hope 2011 brings you lots of love, laughter, good health and prosperity.

    PS. Choosing what to put in the viewfinder is an important part of good photography. Framing.

  15. Happy New Year, Boxer !

    I was there, last night, but only shortly. I saw you in the crowd and called but the band set in. Happy New Year, dear Princess.

    Thank you Roses. I hope the good things come to you too! To choose the right part of the image – sorry sometimes my brain is a bit slow. I first thought of Roger Rabbit :)

  16. Happy New Year, my dear Mago!!!! Lovely photos. I hope your snow doesn’t last as long as ours. Some years it is from October until April. This year we started in November… Who knows how long it will last??? xoxo

  17. Happy New Year, Ponita ! The snow will be gone in February.

    Thank you, Lone Grey Squirrel ! And hopefully it will bring peace, health and prosperity for you and your family.

    Thank You IDV – peace and happiness to you, no spells!

  18. Many Thanks, Norma Desmond ! It’s interesting to watch the wineyards over the year, especially when one drinks the local vino. I can watch the inspiration grow.

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