Little Elise

I have to confess that I like motor racing. With cars, motorcycles and trucks – not so-called monster trucks but something like this. I like Bergrennen / hillclimbing (Ger., Eng.) too – it must not necessarily be such an over the top thing as it was in Rachau (video)). Generally I think that race tracks should show some more variations as the modern circuits generally do, as Niki LAUDA (Ger., Eng.) once put it: “I had enough from driving in circles.”
Touring youtube I came about the following nice video, showing a part of the 2005 Lotus Trophy event at Bathurst. Driver Dean EVANS shows how it is done.



Sadly I could find no more information about Mr. EVANS. The title of the video says only Bathurst (Ger., Eng.), correctly it is the Mount Panorama Circuit (Ger., Eng.),  a very challenging course in New South Wales, Australia.  I like races held on public roads – for example the TT – and the Mount Panorama Circuit has some very interesting ups and downs. It was opened only ten years after the Nürburgring (Ger., Eng.).
Enjoy a round in a 1967 BMW-Lola:





10 thoughts on “Little Elise

  1. That’s not even close to an embarrassing confession. I like demolition derby and monster trucks! Well, shut my mouf, y’all! Bring out the redneck Zamboni and the Pabst Blue Ribbon, and let’s have us a good ole time!

  2. Kind of escape, Wanda. I think you would happily given a miss to some of the recent excitement in your life.

    Per round, XL. There are some spots where people camp at summer weekends and watch them cars slamming into the ditch. The old Nordschleife is still used as testing ground for new cars. Cadillac proudly uses in their ads that the “C” set a very good pace.

    *swigs can of Blue Ribbon*

    Ey Norma Baby!

    It’s a bit like children playing in the sandpit, Fayce. Maybe the same impetus that makes visitors of heavy metall festicals jump into mud holes. A useful, temporary retardation, kind of stress discharge: Outer mud takes away inner mud.

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