Crime in the Village

Over this village leads the approach path for emergency helicopters which transport patients to the brand new hospitals some hills to the North of my house. So the sound of  such a a machine is not too uncommon, but this one did not move away but hovered over the next neighbourhood. I noticed a police transporter in the small valley. There is a home for the elderly and sometimes a person gets lost in the wooded area behind the village. Then a thermographic camera is used to spot the person. But this time the helicopter aimed on the housing area.  Later I went out for some groceries and met a neighbour, who told me that the post office was robbed. The police was searching for the robbers and thought them to be still in the area. I bought my vegetables and on my way back I saw an unmarked car pull over and plain-clothes policemen controlled a tall thin man.
I know the post office lady and hope that she was not hurt.

15 thoughts on “Crime in the Village

  1. I, too, hope the post office lady was not hurt. This sort of thing is always destabilising for everyone. The other night the little cafe on the same land as our paintball site was broken into. They levered open the shutters, stole the till, then abandoned it at the gates. There was nothing in it so it was a total waste of time.

  2. The officer was smaller and a bit stocky (? – untersetzt), with receding hair. He had a short look at me approaching and marked me non-suspicious. I watched mildly interested., No, Scarlet, I do not feel shaken. Thank you.

    The brigants should ahve left the area by now, it’s becoming freezing cold again in the woods. I will drop by and say something appropriate, Wanda. Thank you.

    It’s the second time this small post office is robbed in only a few years, LGS. I would not plan such a thing here. The office is in the middle of the village, immedeately on main street. Escape seems a bit difficult in my opinion, the local situation is a bit confusing with small alleys and footpaths etc. I will have a look at the local newspaper. I think for the first hold-up no one was held responsible.
    And of course – squirrels go unnoticed!

    Ah, what a nonsense: Damage done for absolutely nothing, Eryl Shields, how annoying! I hope they move on and try their luck somewhere else and not in your office.

  3. Oh dear… these things make you nervous when they happen so close to home. I do hope your post office lady friend is okay and that they catch the perpetrator soon. A large dog with big teeth inside the building is always handy. That’s what I have in my house!

  4. I just read in the local newspaper that he received less than 200 Euro. The cash had to be taken from the shop cassa; the post has a small bank service too, but this money is only reachable after some check which takes a while. He fled by foot through some back paths; and in this direction later a jogging trouser was found. Ca. 25 years, 1,80 m, speaking with local accent. Achach, one of the locals … bet he was already at home when the police turned up …

    Stay warm Ponita!

  5. These things always make me so cross. It’s hard enough making a living in a small village Post Office without some idiot thinking you’re an easy target.

    Poor lady. That kind of excitement really isn’t needed.

  6. I read they caught… his jogging pants. Wenigstens was.
    The weather is getting heavy again but I doubt it will snow as much as last month. At least I hope it wont. :D

  7. Only stupid people attempt to commit crimes in Germany! Lots of tough nuts there. I hear the Netherlands has nice prisions though. Spa-like settings complete with yoga classes in the morning and fingerpainting in the afternoon.

  8. Yeah Roses, one does not need such a nonsense on top of all!

    He changed clothes and knew where to go – so I think it was a local, Amanda.

    Nimh dearest, you re-surface just in time to go to India and help console our mutual friend.
    And I agree, lots of nuts in Germany.

  9. [My rss feed is not working properly, so I did not see this post earlier.]

    One night I awoke with a police helicopter hovering over the street with it’s ultra-bright search lights on! They searched the neighborhood and then flew away.

  10. And did they find what they were looking for, XL? Their thermographic camera looks a bit like a cannon. And the fact that it is remote controlled and built under the cockpit does not help: I always think they are gonna zapp me out when I see it!

  11. “did they find what they were looking for, XL?”

    The chopper didn’t land and no police cars arrived. So no idea what they could have been looking for. Lots of bright light and noise for a few minutes, then it was gone. ???

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