I was “pinged” – for the first time: In my comments a so-called “pingback” showed up. I followed the link and came to a site calling itself “wikipress”-something – but it seemingly had nothing to do with “press” in the sense of “news”: Tons of advertising were flashing about google-ads and “putting your money to work” …
I deleted the back-pinging-comment and will from now on allow no more pingbacks: It’s a standard-ly activated option when you write a new article, so I will standard-ly remove the yes-click in the box.
Basically this pingback-thing seems quite nice, but I can not see what it should be good for here. Since I use WordPress I never became “pinged” before. It only created artificial traffic: My site was clicked twice as much than average and even if I like the idea that some people read this without commenting or making a sound – doubling it within a few hours (I last looked sometimes this afternoon, so it may be 7 hours) is not realistic.
I do not want to be involved in someone’s click-based money-making.

I may be totally wrong about “ping” and stuff, so any further clarification is welcome.


14 thoughts on “Ping?

  1. You are right, Tempest, it’s a different thing: With that service you actively sent out updates, while the pingback-thing is a machine made, or better software made, activity.

    Exactly, Savannah: ” Gimme a Ping!” And what do I get in live – a bong …

    You too LGS: I could not make sense from this car insurance thing, and as you say, I found nowhere a link to my blog. Today the referrer is gone.

    Is that something the fritz-box uses when checking the connection, XL?

    You got your fine head around other things, dear Scarlet. … Issey, hach …

    Ping is not vital, we all can live happily without Ping. Ping go home! Down with Ping! Ping sucks!
    I got a bit enthusiastic, sorry Roses

  2. newjenny says:

    Yeah, I got a pingback on WordPress a couple of days ago. I daren’t click on the link, for fear it might be a trap.

    I don’t like this sort of thing at all.

  3. Hello and welcome, Newjenny, thank you for your first comment here. I saw you at Eryl Shields’ blog, and you swim.
    I deleted the ping, it was sent automatically into the “comments to be moderated”-box, but I guess I forgot to mark it as spam. Anyway, some other blogger will do this and Akismet will learn.

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