Sunday Music

Already Sunday again … a fast week. I could not single out a reason why, but it went by fast. I wanted to write about some things but did not find the time, was too tired, or simply had no nerve for it. I felt a bit melancholic, the grey-in-grey of the days, it became cold again – there fell even snow on Thursday -, a constant headache nagging. I see trees bowing to the cold eastern wind, so no walk over the hills today. I want spring now.
But it will take another three weeks or so. So it’s sofa, coffee and small pieces of music: GOULD plays BYRD.
Hope you enjoy.

May the coming week bring only good things (and a good man home).




16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. He was really into his playing, how lovely.

    I know just how you feel, I think, they cold greyness is beginning to get very waring. My week was both too slow and too fast, I achieved nothing of note. Thank goodness for my students who continue to amaze.

    I hope next week is better for you, though ‘sofa, coffee and small pieces of music’ sound pretty good, perhaps giving int to it, for a while at least, is the best option.

  2. May your skies brighten, the winds ease, and the warm days begin… melancholy is best left for others, is it not? Lovely piece… light and melodic.

  3. Light and lovely, just what is needed as the weather isn’t cooperating with our desire for spring. Hope things get better for you. We are expecting a major snow storm after having a few teasing days of warmth.

  4. Yes, too slow and too fast, that describes it well, Eryl Shields.

    Will you lift the veil from the secret of your origin now, XL?

    You sound well and relaxed, Ponita – I hope you feel so too!

    A snowstrom. Is this all a “regular” winter over at yours, Joyce, or is it a severe one? I saw Schneeglöckchen in a garden some days ago …

    Thank you, dear Princess. I hope desaster-time is over for Australia now. And ther’ll be peace for men and sheep.

  5. There is still no signs of spring here yet, the sap has yet to rise! Perhaps Edvard Grieg ‘s Morning Mood might awaken mother nature’s rumblings. The lazy cow.

  6. Sorry, have to run now – it’s Thursday, travelling day. It became so damn cold again. This time I’ll see a different archive in another town. A day of train travelling, ha!

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