Do I Want To Go By Car?

On evenings like this one, when I am just too sluggish and feel ill, I’d like to have a tv here. An old tv-set with a brown plastic casing that vainly tries to impersonate wood. And maybe I’d like to watch an old monster movie. Godzilla could rise its ugly head – what sex is Godzilla: He, she, trans, is this question resolved? – or one of Jack ARNOLD’s (Ger., Eng.) monsters could be reanimated: Of course the unforgettable Tarantula (yeah, I am arachnophobic) (Ger., Eng.), the Creature from the Black Lagoon (Ger., Eng.), the Monster Monoliths (Ger., Eng.) or Them! (Ger., Eng.). Even snowmen were monster-able, as The Abominable Snowman (Ger., Eng.) proofs, a Hammer production by the way. Matinée (1993) (Ger., Eng.) is a tribute to the aera of postwar hollywood monster movies.
Later the horror of the mutation, the disorder, the anarchy of nature was not caused by atomic dust or something from outer space, an invasion the good collective, the society, had to face and to fight. The horror, the disorder and anarchy could all of a sudden break out: A man gets in his car and starts a long journey. No, he’s not Falling Down (Ger., Eng.), but all of a sudden faces a Duel (Ger., Eng.) forced upon him.



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18 thoughts on “Do I Want To Go By Car?

  1. OMG I saw this movie when it first came out. I didn’t like it then and I don’t feel any better about it now. I agree trains are a good way to travel.
    Flying is faster for long distances. This year it was 6 hours flying with layovers and about 29 hours by train to see my sister.

  2. My son is trying to avoid buying a car, which in the area where we live it’s kind of hard to get along without one. Some cities are more amenable to the car-free lifestyle, such as San Francisco and New York, which have wonderful public transit systems. Our public transit is kind of half-assed. I respect his choice, though. Owning a car is expensive and drivers have become more aggressive since I learned to drive nearly 30 years ago.

  3. being chased and stalked by a huge tanker truck and its unseen, psychotic driver.

    That sounds like a typical German highway.

  4. I will, Eryl, at least for long distances.

    I came across it on youtube and found that one can watch the entire film – in ten minute pieces – there. I saw it as a kid on tv and never forgot it, Joyce, guess it was a kind of angst-lust. As student I worked in a trucking business.

    One can mix it with vodka, did you know XL? Ad some nosespray and cough syrup and the day is your friend …

    You are an aficionado, LGS.

    Stand tall and erect, Norma Desmond! And if swiveling and swerving has to occur you always can trust in your contenance.

    Yes, definitely, Faycin’, its more of an infight than relaxed driving today!

    Sorry, Scarlet – who or what is McCloud?
    Spielberg wanted it first to be a silent movie, or better a film without dialogue.
    No, I do not have a flat screen – I have an antique flat computer screen a friend phased out what replaced the giant tube that bloked half of my desk. And somewhere a ty-card should lie around. But I seriously do not miss tv. A friend has a big modern flatscreen and I am amazed how brilliant the colours come out, I like to see my photographs there.

    Exactly, Amanda, the horror is here.

  5. Dear Princess! I slowly grasp the time zone thing. And I really was totally unaware that we are already in the middle of the week, I somewhow missed Tuesday. I will put up something for Movie Clip Wednesday.

  6. This was a made for TV movie that I saw in 1971 and it was a great example of “less is more.” If only Spielberg had remembered that with many of his later movies.

  7. I’ll try just about anything once. @NewJenny Where does one rent a flying carpet? Mago,, Come pick me up if you find one.

    I’m still waiting for someone to make Star Trek Transporters a reality. You, me and Austy could have tea on Thursday mornings, it’s my favorite day/time of the week. Maybe because I was born then, 10:40 on a Thursday morn.

  8. THere you are very right, dear Boxer!

    I once had one Melanie. It was steam powered, with tea and friendly cookies. Yes, Thursday is a good day. Over the last months I was often travelling on Thursdays. I once new what weekday I was born, I have to look it up. For some time I counted the days of my life. A German writer sayed the first tenthousand would be just preparation …

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