… hmpf …

I catched a cold. Yes, I do need this like a goiter now. I have a work to do and need to deliver, I hate deadlines but they are necessary. But with cold feet, running nose and mushy brain my admirable intellectual firework fizzles out, a spare head would be a nice idea …


14 thoughts on “… hmpf …

  1. Oh dear… Sorry to hear that. All you can do is treat the symptoms, drink lots of water, get lots of rest… and whine loudly! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Despite the temptation to work through your cold, it is probably better to have warm soup and go to sleep. The work will progress better when you are better. Take care. Sorry, I have no spare head to offer.

  3. Oh, sparklers – thank you dear Scarlet! No problems with wet fuses there …

    The temptation to work is minimized – self-management and ~improvement at it’s best, LGS. The spare head supply is short these days, so I try not to loose the one I have.

  4. Hello Wanda – I have some ibuprofen for headaches, it works pretty well – thank you for the tip!

    Thank you Annabel – what a rare comment 🙂 I hope you have no headaches.

  5. Ouch! Is it the one with the very strong headaches?

    For run of the mill stuff try the Wick Daymed – a little expensive but it should help you work for a few hours. (The “night stuff” only if you have a fever.) I hope you will feel better soon!

  6. I have headaches since last week, it’s better today. I normally do not use medicine or payne-pills, so a fat dose of paracetamol or ibuprofen slamms in pretty well. I feel and have a taste in my throat as if I would have smoked a pack of cigars.
    I am so glad that the sky is clear and sun is shining. A pretty cold eastern wind sweeps through the valley but its all better than grey fog and snow!

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